New on Page Builder: Unsplash Integration & Enhanced Slider

December 23, 2021

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At Shogun, we’re constantly looking for ways to make the experience of customizing landing pages simpler and more enjoyable.

And, we’re always pleased to share the latest and greatest updates with the people that use Page Builder every day. 

So, let’s get into it. Here’s what’s new with Shogun Page Builder.

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Captivating images at your fingertips with Unsplash

unsplash integration on page builder

Building store pages that are visually stunning can oftentimes rely on having gorgeous photos on hand as you create. 

While we’d all love to have an endless supply of our own high-res images on hand to choose from, that isn’t always the case.

But, with our new Unsplash integration on Page Builder, you have instant access to thousands of free high-quality images to plug into your store pages.

You simply drag the image element into place, click Pick Image, and search for that perfect photo in the vast Unsplash library. That’s all.

See how easy it is to add images with Unsplash in the video below.

Let your Slider element spread its wings

page builder slider element full width

The Slider element is a powerful tool for showcasing your product images in a format that doesn’t hog the whole page. Shoppers can click through at their leisure to get immersed in your brand.

Previously, the controls they used to move through the carousel—the arrows and dots—were always located just outside of the image. Until now.

With our new “Controls over content” feature, your slider images can stretch across the whole page. Plus, you have full control over the color of the controls—your arrows and dots—so they don’t get lost in your images.

In the video below, Andy demonstrates just how easy it is to utilize this new feature for your store.

Always updating to simplify your Page Builder experience

We’re always excited to show off our latest updates and integrations that make your Page Builder experience the best it can be.

Now, with access to thousands of gorgeous images at your fingertips with Unsplash and more room for your Slider to stretch its legs, you can start building even more amazing store pages.

Look out for future product updates as our team comes up with more ways to improve Page Builder.

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The Shogun Team

Shogun's team is full of whipsmart ecommerce experts, dedicated to making the process of building and customizing your Shopify store simpler, faster, and more intuitive.

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