Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Incredible Shogun-Built Stores

February 1, 2022
Sean Flannigan

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas From Incredible Shogun-Built Stores

February 1, 2022
Sean Flannigan
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Declaring one’s love by giving them cool stuff on an appointed day is a custom we won’t soon see go away—if for no other reason than this gifting is reciprocated.

No doubt you’ve been making detailed notes all year long about what you might get your special person. 

But, if you happened to have completely and totally forgotten to do so (entirely by accident, mind you), no worries. 

Someone (me) has done you a solid and put together a big ol’ list of lovely things, some of which will be perfect for your significant other.

Shogun is blessed with proximity to so many stunning ecommerce stores. We look at their beautiful stores regularly and often give them money in exchange for their goods.

Now, I’m gifting you with this deep knowledge of cool online retailers (who all happen to create beautiful stores with Shogun). You are so welcome.

A bunch of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that’ll win you some smooches

Obviously, not every idea here is going to hit with your sweetie. 

I tried to select brands from a variety of verticals so that you could land on something that will be just right. 

And, if you see something that you’d like for yourself, just give them the subtle hint by keeping this post open on your computer at all times and saying, “Oh, I’d really like something like that” while they are in earshot as many times as it takes.

Alright, let’s go.

For that chocolate fanatic you so love: Seattle Chocolate Company

seattle chocolate company sourcing map page

While it’s not a gift that thinks outside of the Valentine’s Day box, you will not disappoint. Because, it’s chocolate. It’s impossible to frown with chocolate in your mouth—fact.

With 20 years under their belt, Seattle Chocolate Company knows what they are doing. On their Shogun-built Sourcing page, they show exactly where their chocolate comes from and how it's made.

And, with a wide range of flavors and darknesses, finding the perfect chocolate will be a piece of… chocolate.

For upgrading their skincare routine: TULA Skincare

tula skincare home

Skin does a lot for us, so it only makes sense that we return the favor by slathering it in stuff that makes it look and feel nice. If your loved one is tuned into their skin’s needs, here’s a gift for you.

Shogun Frontend brand TULA creates probiotic skincare products guided by science so that your skin (or your sweetie’s) only gets the best treatment.

For when they need yet another method for making coffee: Copper Cow

copper cow subscriptions page

Your significant other already has a French press, a drip machine, a pour-over cone, an Aeropress, and something that looks like it belongs in a lab. But, it isn’t enough. 

Copper Cow has just the thing—single serve Vietnamese pour-over lattes. Yep, another incredible way to introduce caffeine to your loved one in a variety of exciting flavors.

If you think they’ll love it, you may as well get them a subscription (you can learn all about it on their Shogun-built Subscriptions page). Because, that’s how much you love them.

For dinnerware that’ll make any meal look amazing: East Fork

east fork ceramics home

There’s something satisfying about eating on beautiful, hand-crafted plates and bowls. Your meal suddenly becomes elevated, prepared for its Instagram photoshoot.

A gift of gorgeous ceramic dinnerware will show that special someone that you have a deep understanding of the finer things in life (even if you only found it because of this roundup). 

East Fork makes some of the most stunning ceramics you’ve ever seen and it’s evident from their incredible photography (like the above from their stunning Shogun-built homepage).

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For brightening the home, then enlivening it: The Growing Candle

hyggelight norah growing candle product

Candles provide light, sure, but they also make a room 65% more romantic (at least). Once they burn down, you are usually left with a small sense of sadness as you unceremoniously throw it out.

Not so with Hyggelight’s growing candle. Once the last flickers of romance burn off of this candle, you can transform it into a gorgeous pot of wildflowers (keep that label!).

On their Shogun-built product pages, they show off the candle's range in all its glory. A perfect gift for a love that continues to grow (feel free to use that line).

For powering their morning ritual: Coaltown Coffee

coaltown coffee subscription page

Coffee is such an essential part of so many people’s mornings. We look forward to it, have a special mug for it, savor each delightful sip of it. So, for certain people, it’s an obvious gift.

To supplement your loved one’s coffee supply with something different, look no further than Coaltown Coffee.

This UK B Corp offers a variety of blends, single origins, and subscriptions that will brighten anyone’s day. You can learn all about their small batch subscription program from their Shogun-built Subscription page.

For putting some style in their grill game: Barebones Living

barebones living home

Grilling out and camp cooking automatically make one feel like the pioneering type, capable of taking on anything the world throws at them (provided they have all supplies at their disposal). 

But, to do it right, you need to have tools and gear ready to meet the occasion. Barebones Living has all the quality cast iron, enamel, and steel supplies one might need to grill, camp, or garden the right way.

For the person that always opts for sparkling: Aarke Carbonators

aarke blog publication page

Bubbly water took over the world and rightfully so—it tickles the tongue and lifts the spirit. After downing your 500th can of La Croix, it might be prudent to think about taking it in-house.

To do it right, you need a carbonator that will stick around for a long while. If you love a real sparkling water head, you should consider throwing down on an Aarke Carbonator.

This Swedish brand builds beautiful products that are built for life. And, with their gorgeous Shogun-built blog page, they do a great job of educating potential sparkly water converts.

For getting into tea the right way: Kettl

kettl matcha green tea product page

Like coffee, tea can be a way of life for some people, a ritual without which their mornings feel incomplete. Quality is essential to tea that is worth sipping. If you really like it, you need to drink the real stuff.

Kettl exists to bring the finest Japanese teas to the people, connecting them more directly to those that are growing it. With beautiful Shogun-built product pages like the one above, they educate and excite their shoppers.

For that tea lover in your life, you need not go any further.

For watercolor painting anywhere, anytime: Viviva Colors

viviva colors home

A simple invention, watercolor painting takes very little time to set up. Just your watercolor set, a brush, and a cup of water and you are laying down vivid swipes of color.

Viviva Colors has made it even simpler with their Colorsheets, a notebook of 16 color pigments smaller than your iPhone. For the painterly loved one who has inspiration strike at the unlikeliest times, this is a gift which will have them ready anytime.

For when your valentine is a dog: LAY LO

lay lo dog bed features page

OK, your valentine doesn’t have to be a dog, just dog-adjacent. Be they a pup or the parent of one, a stylish dog bed could be just the gift to make them smile.

LAY LO makes dog beds of various patterns and sizes to fit your space and your pup. Plus, the material is accident-resistant, sturdy, and washable, so it can take the abuse it may receive with a quiet grace.

Learn all about their next level dog beds on their Shogun-built Features page.

For keeping the home modern and stylish: Design Milk Shop

design milk v day homepage
We love their Shogun-built Valentine's Day homepage

More than ever, our homes need to be our sanctuaries. Especially if they are also going to be our offices, our daycares, our breakrooms, and our cinemas, it’s important they feel special.

Design Milk is both a design blog and a design-centric homewares shop. 

Selling everything from rugs, furniture, and kitchenwares to office accessories, toys, and footwear, you are certain to find something incredibly cool and modern for your significant other. 

For those who prefer to keep their pockets minimal: The Ridge Wallet

the ridge wallet home
Ridge does a great job of building a stunning homepage with Shogun Page Builder

If you’ve ever seen George Costanza’s bulbous wallet (look it up) and shuddered, you understand the utility of a minimalist wallet. 

Whittling down the bulkiness of what we shove into our pockets is the essence of the everyday carry (EDC) movement and it could be just what your valentine needs.

The Ridge popularized the minimalist wallet and went on to simplify other pocket-dwelling accessories. Be it a wallet, a keycase, a phone case, or a backpack, The Ridge can help with your EDC gifting.

For that spendy spa gift that keeps on giving: Sauna Space

sauna space home

Infrared saunas are all the rage these days. You get blasted with heat rays and sweat away the stresses of the day, emerging a lighter and more genial person. But, if you go regularly, it’ll cost you when you add it all up.

Sauna Space has another option—bring the sauna home with you. A more expensive Valentine’s Day gift most certainly, but if you don’t mind the initial pinch, your sweaty sweetie (and you) can enjoy saunas at home.

For adding some variety to their jewelry case: Gypsy Aura

gypsy aura home

We love decorating ourselves with shiny objects—our necks, earlobes, wrists, and fingers ready canvasses for a variety of artistic items. 

If your valentine enjoys decorating themselves with things that sparkle, get yourself to Gypsy Aura for all sorts of jewelry with all sorts of beautiful gems. They’ll marvel at what a great gifter you are.

Here’s to better Valentine’s Day gifting

I hope this guide made your online gift shopping just a little bit less frantic. 

Knowing the best thing to get for the person you love is so hard, but the smile that it brings will be well worth the effort.

So many incredible brands use Shogun to create exceptional online shopping experiences, so we’re always happy to point you toward those experiences. 

The products also rock, so that’s nice.

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Sean Flannigan

Sean is one of Shogun's tireless content marketers. When he isn't creating exciting ecommerce content, he's probably biking or at the park.