Where to Put the Mailchimp Popup Code on Shopify

A great way to sign up visitors on your Shopify e-commerce store to your Mailchimp email list is to use a popup prompt asking them to subscribe. In fact, a study by AWeber showed that popup prompts drove 1,375% more email sign ups than a sidebar form.

If you use Mailchimp as your email list platform, there is a simple way to create these prompts for your online store. Let’s take a look at where to put your Mailchimp popup code on your Shopify account to make this work.

1. Find Your Mailchimp Popup Code

Start by locating the right Mailchimp popup code that you want to use. Each popup you generate will populate the list it is connected to, so you’ll want to choose the email list you want your subscriber to join.

Log into Mailchimp and click on Lists. Then choose Signup forms for the list you want to add to.

Mailchimp popup code - Shogun

Next, select Subscriber pop-up.

If you haven’t created/designed any popups yet, you’ll be prompted to do so. Once you’ve designed on to your liking, you can generate the code that you will copy over to Shopify. Note: once you’ve generated the code, the “Generate” button will change to “View Code” each time you return to this popup.

Mailchimp popup code - Shogun

The code will look similar to this:

Copy all the code you see.

2. Add the Mailchimp Popup Code on Shopify

Now login to your Shopify admin and head to Themes. Here, select Edit code from the drop down Actions menu.

Mailchimp popup code - Shogun

On the next screen, you’ll choose the theme you are currently using under Layout. This will populate your theme’s code where you’ll be adding the Mailchimp popup code you copied.

Scroll to the bottom of the code and you’ll paste in the Mailchimp popup code right before the </body> tag:

Click Save.

3. Test your Mailchimp Popup on your Shopify Site

After clicking Save, your Mailchimp Popup should now be working across your entire Shopify store. You can test whether the code was added successfully by using a new browser or Google Chrome’s incognito mode (to make it so you seem to be a brand new visitor to your own site).

Mailchimp popup code - Shogun

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