9 Women-Owned Businesses To Support in 2022

March 17, 2022
Sean Flannigan

9 Women-Owned Businesses To Support in 2022

March 17, 2022
Sean Flannigan
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We’d be lost without women. In fact, we wouldn’t even be around to get lost. 

Each year in March, we celebrate women and their contributions to the mosaic of human accomplishments. 

They are our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, wives, best friends. They are inventors, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, teachers, doctors, phlebotomists, chefs, and so much more.

At Shogun, we have the pleasure of seeing ecommerce businesses emerge, find their brand identities, and thrive. And, so many of them were started by visionary women, entrepreneurs with a passion they wanted to share with the world.

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9 women-owned businesses that we’re loving right now

During Women’s History Month, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a few of the amazing women-owned brands that use Shogun to create their incredible stores.

From coffee to skincare, there are women-owned businesses ready to send you their finest.


Started by Marisa Hordern in 2008, Missoma was one of the first demi-fine jewelry brands on the market, offering quality pieces at affordable prices. They design all their jewelry in-house at their London headquarters.

Now they ship to over 200 countries and their pieces are available at some of the top retailers.

missoma jewelry about page

They also care about sustainability, addressing it in a few big ways. They carbon offset all deliveries, use recycled metals and responsible sourced diamonds, and ensure ethical treatment throughout the supply chain.

missoma jewelry sustainability

You can see their emphasis on quality not only in their products but also across their Shopify store, with each page designed and customized with care. 

Many of their gorgeous pages have been built with Shogun Page Builder, which allows for minute customization and the inclusion of dynamic elements like videos.

Bottleshot Cold Brew Coffee

Founded by Annie Mitchell and Charlotte Dales, Bottleshot makes delicious canned cold brew coffee. Annie was even featured in BBC’s Dragon’s Den (think English Shark Tank) to get funding for their stellar idea.

Their locally brewed cold brew coffee is made with Rainforest Alliance certified beans, assuring that it is sustainably and ethically grown.

bottleshot cold brew coffee homepage

Their online store is brimming with caffeinated energy too. Their lively homepage was built head to toe with Shogun Page Builder, as was their Meet Our Team page.

bottleshot coffee about page

If you live in the UK, we recommend that you hit them up for some delightful cold brew coffee.

NUE Hoops Jewellery

NUE Hoops was started by a mother and her two daughters (Victoria, Camilla, and Emily) in England. Each with their own style, they wanted to create a jewelry brand that was easily personalizable and fun.

To find your perfect earrings, you simply choose a couple charms and the hoops to slide them onto. With over 100 charms and a dozen hoops, yours are certain to be unique.

nue hoops how to shop page

As it isn’t the most straightforward click-the-buy-button process, they built a super informative ‘How to Shop’ page with Shogun so visitors could easily create their custom earrings.

Nomad Botanicals

This fragrant brand was founded by Carole Addison-Goyne, who has spent much of her life exploring the ins and outs of aromatherapy in Colorado. 

Nomad Botanicals is all about the power of essential oils for supporting wellness and creating powerful experiences. 

nomad botanicals about page

Their mission and values are evident in their Shogun-built About Us page, which clearly details what they are all about and uses a parallax effect to allow the lavender to move with you as you scroll.

nomad botanicals store

Find exactly what you need as you navigate through their homepage, complete with a variety of collections and product education.

Divine Feminine Works

Melissa started Divine Feminine Works to help spiritually guide people through astrology, reiki, and readings. 

She not only provides these services but also sells hand-poured candles and a variety of journals and notebooks to help people explore their thoughts and dreams.

divine feminine works about page

They’ve built and customized many pages on the site—product pages, collections, About page, and more—with Page Builder to help shoppers quickly find the information and products they are looking for.

Visit Mel’s stunning store to explore your own personal divinity.


After spending 15 years in the beauty industry as a writer and editor, Robin Doyle came to understand the impact of Western consumerism on developing countries and wanted to change how people bought beauty products.

Beautyologie is a beauty marketplace that only consists of brands that treat people fairly and ethically.

beautyologie about page

You can learn all about Beautyologie’s commitment to Fair Trade and how Robin came to found the company on their Shogun-built About page, which includes an informative video about what they do.

beautyologie founder info

Find exactly what you are looking for by product type, country of origin, or brand and learn all about the product creators on their Beautyologie TV video series.


This German company was started by Anne and Jasmin, who wanted to create delicious cakes that weren’t unhealthy. Fat chance, right? Wrong.

They have created keto-friendly, sugar-free, flour-free, lactose-free, high protein cakes and now they’re sharing them with the world (well, actually just Germany). So, if you are in Germany, you are in luck!

purecakes about page

They created a simple but well-designed store for these healthy cake creations. 

The About page tells you all you need to know about why Anne and Jasmin started PureCakes and their homepage gets straight to the point on why you want these cakes. 

We’re proud to say both were built with Shogun Page Builder.

purecakes homepage

While their cakes can only be shipped throughout Germany, those who don’t live there can make note of PureCakes on their German travels.


Founded by a father-daughter team (Mitch and Maddie), Unclockable aims to help trans and queer people look exactly like they want, comfortably.

After her coming out, Maddie found that tucking helped with her body image and boosted her confidence but it was frustrating to accomplish. She found that she wasn’t alone and designed a product to solve it.

unclockable about page

Their About Us page does a great job of introducing visitors to the brand and their mission. 

Since their product requires more education than others, they’ve dedicated much of the site to clearly educating visitors—with an illustrated ‘How to Tuck’ guide, a page describing their discreet shipping and billing, an exhaustive FAQ page, and a blog full of helpful resources. All made with Page Builder.

unclockable blog page

It’s amazing to know that brands like Unclockable exist to serve the needs of trans women and the queer community.

Renew Skin Solutions

This Redding, CA medical spa is run by dermatologist Dr Elizabeth Stratte and a team of registered nurses and estheticians. 

For those who live in the area, they provide a variety of services—like dermaplaning, chemical peels, laser treatments, and more—but for everyone else (in the US and Canada) they have a host of skincare products.

renew skin solutions chemical peel page

For the services they provide, they’ve created deeply informative pages with Page Builder to help the curious decide if it is right for them—showing before and after images, including FAQs, and describing what happens post- and pre-treatment.

renew skin solutions faq section

For those that like to get their skincare products from an expert, Renew Skin Solutions may be just the store.

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Sean is one of Shogun's tireless content marketers. When he isn't creating exciting ecommerce content, he's probably biking or at the park.