The many desks of shogun

April 4, 2020

At a fully distributed company like Shogun, there’s no such thing as a standard workspace. Each team member has built their desks with their own personal touches creating a collage of unique displays, but one thing we agree on and highly encourage is comfort.

When working from home it’s easy to picture yourself working from a comfy couch, or your favorite nook in the living room overlooking grassy meadows. As picturesque as that sounds, it’s usually not comfortable for very long. 

We always recommend you use a desk and chair that fit you and to make sure your shoulders and wrists sit naturally as you work. It doesn’t take long before you start experiencing some level of pain if your workspace isn’t right for you.

As each person is different there’s no single combination of office chairs and desks we can recommend, but we can share how our team has approached building their own workspaces:

Justine Apacible, Customer Support Specialist

Luiz Felipe Garcia Pereira, Software Engineer

Romine Cavalcante, Quality Assurance

Gabriel Neutzling, Software Engineer

Kalen Christ, Customer Support Specialist 

Facundo Flores, Software Engineer

Kier Borromeo, Front-End Engineer

Scott Goci, Software Engineer

Tiffany Cagwin, Operations Manager

Rachael Harnish, Director Of Operations

Greg Beldam, Design Director

Finbarr Taylor, CEO 

Charles Wecker, Customer Success Manager

Cady Smola, Recruiter

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Phill Moorman

Phill is the director of marketing at Shogun and has spent the last several years dabbling in ecommerce and spending his free time riding motorcycles through the canyons of southern california.

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