We Work Remotely Names Shogun as One of the Top 30 Remote Companies to Join in 2022

February 21, 2022

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Is this your year to make a move to a fully remote work environment? Incredible—we’re all about that fully-remote life, too.

In fact, we’re excited to announce that Shogun has been selected as part of the Top 30+ Remote Companies Hiring in 2022 list by We Work Remotely—the largest remote work community in the world.

As we’ve seen this year, remote work is no longer temporary—it’s here to stay. It’s been reported that as many as nine out of 10 employees want to remain remote to some degree.

With more companies going fully remote than ever before and changing employee priorities, candidates have a trove of opportunities to pursue. It’s all about choosing a company that aligns with your values, morals, and lifestyle.

To help candidates find the right company, We Work Remotely created a vetted list featuring the Top 30+ Remote Companies Hiring in 2022, and we’re honored to be part of the lineup with other companies we admire.

Being a fully remote company is part of our DNA

Because many companies are adjusting to remote working practices, it’s natural in your job search to wonder if a potential employer is set up for remote work success.

Being fully remote since the very beginning (2015) has allowed us to build a remote culture intentionally as Support Team Lead, Kalen Christ, says:

“I appreciate that when Shogun was founded, it was clear we were going to be a remote company. From the start, all processes and internal workings were built around this remote ideology.”

Building the best remote company is also one of our core company-wide OKRs for 2022. Here’s a little more detail about how we think about this:

Fostering a growth culture

Since Shogun’s early days, we’ve implemented learning and development systems and continue to fine-tune our hiring manager and individual contributor training programs.

We’ve built career-leveling frameworks and growth tracks to help our team members learn and develop their skills. We’ve also launched a learning and development reimbursement program.

Improving diversity, equity, and inclusion

We love to celebrate what makes every Shogie unique and believe it’s vital to success. We do this by creating a work environment that supports and empowers people from all backgrounds.

This same thinking is applied when making decisions about compensation, benefits, and wellness programs. It’s how we created a people-first approach to our communication and collaboration habits.

At Shogun we’ve built a DEI-focused recruiting process that is consistent, equal, and fair for all candidates by mitigating the opportunity for bias to influence hiring decisions. Together with PowerToFly—a renowned DEI consultancy—we continue to review our current culture and processes, and we’re building out a three year DEI roadmap.

Our company culture, values, and products are informed by diverse perspectives from the best talent around the world.

Increasing operational efficiency

To facilitate work flexibility and autonomy, every Shogie is provided with the tools and resources needed to work remote successfully, including a stipend for other home office equipment (think: a standing desk or an ergonomic chair).

We continue to find ways to better support our teams—like async meetings, regular 1:1s between managers, and individual contributors, and hosting in-person company offsites (when it’s safe to do so, of course)—and set every Shogie up for success.

As Shogun’s Director of Talent Acquisition, James Parker, says:

“At Shogun, we’re all about work and life, balanced!” 

But don’t take it from us—we asked a few Shogies why they love working remotely at Shogun:

Anne Nordlof, Recruiting Manager at Shogun
Joelle Velez, Business Analyst at Shogun
Kaitlyn Ambrose, Content Marketer to Shogun
Karan Shastri, Senior UX Researcher at Shogun

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