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How to create a standard page in Shogun
How to create a standard page in Shogun
Get started with Shogun Page Builder by easily creating your first landing page.
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A standard page is an informational page within the store. Common uses of standard pages include:

  • "About" pages

  • "Contact Us" pages

  • Landing pages

  • Lead capture pages

  • Long form sales pages

Watch the video below to see how quick & easy building your first page is with Shogun Page Builder and our template library!
(Options and terminology seen in the video may vary by ecommerce platform.)

Steps to Create a Standard Page Using Shogun Page Builder

  1. Pick a page type

  2. Choose a template or a blank page

  3. Set your page name and path

  4. Choose your layout

  5. Save your page

  6. Preview or publish your page

Add More Content Quickly With Blocks

Whether you're starting with a blank page or using a template as a starting point, Shogun's Block Library allows you to drag customizable sections of pre-built content into your Shogun page.

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