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How to create a standard page in Shogun
How to create a standard page in Shogun

Get started with Shogun by easily creating your first landing page.

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A standard page is an informational page within the store. Common uses of standard pages include:

  • "About" pages

  • "Contact Us" pages

  • Landing pages

  • Lead capture pages

  • Long form sales pages

Watch the video below to see how quick & easy building your first page is with Shogun and our template library!
โ€‹(Options and terminology seen in the video may vary by ecommerce platform.)

Steps to Create a Standard Page Using Shogun

  1. Pick a page type

  2. Choose a template or a blank page

  3. Set your page name and path

  4. Choose your layout

  5. Save your page

  6. Preview or publish your page

Please note: the option to disable the theme's header and footer is not available on all platforms and page types.

Add More Content Quickly With Blocks

Whether you're starting with a blank page or using a template as a starting point, Shogun's Block Library allows you to drag customizable sections of pre-built content into your Shogun page.

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