Blocks are pre-built sections that the Shogun team have created to help speed up the development of your page. These Blocks come with content that you can use, or you can customize it to your needs - you have full control over a Block once it's added to your page.

Getting Started with the Block Library

To get started, navigate to our Block Library on the right-hand panel of the Page Builder editor.

To use a Block from the Block Library simply drag and drop your desired block onto the page and edit as you would with any other element that is provided by Shogun.

Finding the perfect Block

There are a couple of methods of finding the Block that's right for your task.

You can use the build in search function in order to find the Block that you need, or you can browse by category using the tabs on the top of the Block Library.

We are excited to continue development on this feature and would encourage you to check in periodically to check for new Blocks as we expand the Block Library.

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