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Using our pre-built Block Library
Using our pre-built Block Library

Our Block Library contains pre-built components that can give you a head start on building your pages.

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Blocks are pre-built portions of content made available to you within the Shogun editor. When starting with a blank page, Blocks are perfect for quickly creating a starting point to build upon and customize. Simply drag the Blocks of your choice into the editor, swap out the content with yours, then save your changes.

Accessing the Block Library

To get started, click the cube icon in the left toolbar of the Shogun editor to open the Block Library.

Blocks are categorized by purpose and can also be searched by name.

Adding a Block to the Page

Once you've identified which Block you'd like to use, simply click on the Block's image in the library then drag it right into your Shogun content.

With the Block now in place, click on the elements within the editor to update their content and styles.

We'll be continually expanding the Block Library, so be sure to check in regularly for newly-added Blocks!

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