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Feature Introduction

Snippets are a great way to make re-usable blocks of your custom Shogun content that you can use on your Shogun pages. This cuts down development time dramatically as you do not need to create the same blocks, or style the same elements over and over again.

How to create a snippet

Snippets are a feature designed to create a more efficient workflow when building content.

  1. Select an element that is containing your content, such as a Section, Columns, or Product Box element.

  2. Click the 'Create Snippet' button in the right-hand menu of the editor

  3. Give your Snippet a name

  4. Click the Save button

How to use a Snippet

Snippets are as easy to use as any other Shogun element. You can find these in the Saved section of the editor's sidebar. Simply drag a Snippet from the sidebar into the page. All of your copied elements will appear on the page.

How to delete a Snippet

Sometimes, you may need to delete a Snippet from your library, and it's super simple to do! Just hit the trash can icon on the right of the snippet in the list to remove it from your library. 

Note: Currently, Snippets are not available for elements that are within a Product Box. You can refer to the Layout panel on the right side of the editor to see whether this applies to your elements. We will be incorporating more Snippet flexibility for these product-based elements soon. In the meantime, it is possible to make a Snippet of the Product Box itself.

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