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How to Use Global Snippets
How to Use Global Snippets
Create, deploy, and edit global snippets across many pages to streamline content management.
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Global Snippets is available to all merchants subscribed to our Page Builder Advanced plan. Should you be interested in acquiring this feature, you can check out our documentation to upgrade: How to Upgrade.

Alternatively, you can find guidance on using the 'Snippets' feature, available to all paid stores here;

Tired of making the same edit over and over across many pages? So are we. So we built Global Snippets to enable your team to easily update content and design across your storefront from one place.

Global Snippets enables you to take any snippet and deploy it across many pages to give you more control and peace of mind that every corner of your store is up to date with your latest changes.

How To Use Global Snippets

Here is a full walkthrough of global snippets:

Creating global snippets

When global snippets is enabled on your account, you will see a new option when creating a new snippet. Give your snippet a name and toggle on the global functionality to get started.

Global snippets are highlighted in pink and have an updated sidebar experience so you clearly know this part of your page behaves in a different way. On the sidebar, you can see a count of how many pages the selected global snippet has been deployed to, as well as edit and detach it.

Browsing global snippets

We added a new tab to our snippet library to easily view all your global snippets. Global snippets are denoted by a globe icon, as well as a running page count so you know how many pages each global snippet has been deployed to.

Deploying global snippets

Once you have created your first global snippet, navigate to some other pages and drop your global snippet on your page. Click Save. That's it! Observe how the page count increases with each page you add it to.

Editing global snippets

You've added one of your global snippets across a few pages, great! Now let's say you want to make a change:

  • Navigate to any instance where that global snippet exists, and click Edit from the sidebar or from the element toolbar.

  • When you click Edit, you can now drill down into each element within that Global Snippet, and make any change you like.

  • When you are done, click Save.

  • Now head over to your other pages where you deployed that Global Snippet to observe your changes reflected globally.

Publishing global snippets

When saving a change to your global snippet, toggle on the setting to "automatically publish affected pages", then click Save. Page Builder will now run through all pages where that global snippet has been deployed, execute the update, and publish all of those pages.

Navigate over to the Dashboard to check in on the status of your Publishing pages.

Detach your snippet

Let's say you previously added a global snippet to a page, but now you want to make a modification to that page only without effecting the other pages the global snippet is linked to. No problem.

When you select a Global Snippet, click Detach on the sidebar. Now, updates to those elements will only reflect on the page you are on.


Can I place a global snippet inside of a global snippet?

  • Currently we do not support the ability to have nested global snippets. When you try to drop a global snippet inside of a global snippet, we will automatically convert the global snippet you are attempting to drop into a regular snippet.

Can I place a regular Snippet inside of a Global Snippet?

  • Yes, you can drop in any existing snippet when editing a global snippet to quickly make changes to your global snippet.

How do I edit a Global Snippet?

  • When editing a Global Snippet, you can only drop new elements in from the sidebar.

  • When editing a Global Snippet, we currently do not support the ability to drag elements from inside your Global Snippet out on to the editor.

  • Similarly, when editing a Global Snippet, we currently do not support the ability to drag an element that is already on the editor in to the Global Snippet.

Can I reattach a Global Snippet?

  • To reattach a Global Snippet, simply drag and drop that Global Snippet from the sidebar back on to your page.


  • Global snippets can be synced between multiple Page Builder accounts. When you sync a global snippet, the destination site will receive the new version of the global snippet, however that update will not automatically update the pages that global snippet was deployed to on the destination site.

  • When editing a global snippet, if you click outside of the global snippet in the editor, any unsaved changes will be lost. We are working on addressing this.

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