If you have multiple stores with Shogun installed, you may wish to have some of the content synced between these stores. Our new Sync feature should allow you to do just this. 

Syncing is available on our Core, Measure, Optimize and Enterprise plans.

The Sync feature can copy over the following content between your stores,

  • Pages
  • Blog Articles
  • Product Pages
  • Snippets
  • Custom Elements
  • Data Collections

How do I access Sync?

The Sync feature can be accessed via the Account dropdown of Shogun! Selecting a page will sync the current store to the store you have selected.

How do I setup Sync?

Syncing is automatically setup between stores, if certain criteria are met.

  • Both stores are required to be on a paid plan that has the Sync feature available.
  • You are using the same, verified email on both accounts.

Can I choose what I sync between my stores?

Custom Elements and Data Collections will always be copied over, however, you can choose which pages, blogs, products and snippets that you copy between your stores.

System messages

The Sync feature has a few system messages that you may come across when you are using this feature.

No product found is a message that will appear if the destination store does not have the same product in it's catalog. Adding the product to the destination store will allow you to sync this product page.

The destination page is newer message will appear when the version of the page that is on the destination store is newer than the version of the page on the current store.

My pages are not listed!

No worries, this just means that they have already been synced and are up to date!

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