There are 2 ways to make pages with Shopify Products in Shogun:

1) Product Pages

A product page is a page that is integrated into your store's product catalog and collections. Shogun allows you to import an existing product page from your store into the editor. When importing a product page, you will be presented with two layout options:

Existing Layout

This option uses your theme's product page layout while allowing you to edit above and below the product content as well as the product description area.

Please note: The location of the product description and drop zones may vary based on your theme's product page layout.

Custom Layout

The Custom Layout does not use your theme's product page layout. This allows you to create a completely custom product page by presenting you with a Product Box to place elements within.

You can learn more about the difference between Existing and Custom layouts from this guide:

2) Standard Landing Pages

Unlike a Product Page, a Standard Page does not use your theme's product page layout; this option allows you to create a completely custom page to showcase your product. By adding Shogun's Product Box element into a standard page, you can display product details straight from your catalog. You also have the option to showcase more than one product by using multiple Product Boxes. The image below shows how a Standard Page works for displaying products

Good to Know: 

  • When standard pages are used to showcase products, you will also have the option to include or hide the theme's header and footer on the page.

  • Standard pages for products will not replace the existing product page in the store's catalog.

  • Functionality of the theme's cart and third-party applications can vary based on page type. Importing a product page using the theme's Existing Layout will retain the default theme behavior and functionality of third party apps.

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