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Schedule your page content to publish at a future date with Content Scheduling
Schedule your page content to publish at a future date with Content Scheduling

Build your content now, have it automatically published later at a time and day of your choosing.

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Content Scheduling allows you to set a date and a time for your page to go public. This can be great for scheduling when sales pages go live on your site, meaning that you no longer need to stay up till midnight to ensure that your promotion goes live at the right time!

Content Scheduling is only available on select Shogun plans. Please check the Plans section of your Shogun settings for availability.

Please note, all times and dates that are set by your current location - for example, if you are in Pacific Standard Time, the scheduling that you perform will be in PST.

You can find the Schedule publish option popping out of the downwards arrow prompt next to 'save/publish' in the editor top bar.

How to schedule a page to publish

Once you have created your page, you can go ahead and schedule the date and time for it to be published. Open up the Schedule pane in the editor to select a date and time.

To get started, ensure that the checkbox beside "Publish page on" has been selected, then choose your date and time.

Scheduling a homepage is also easy with this feature, simply check the Set this page as the homepage when it publishes checkbox in the scheduling menu.

How to schedule a page to revert

In addition to scheduling a page to publish within Shogun, it's also possible to schedule a page to revert at a certain time, which can be helpful when it comes to having sales pages with a specific time limit.

Setting a page version to revert to

When a page is reverted, you can choose to revert this to a previous version of the page, which can be useful when your content is changing.

How to cancel a scheduled publish

If you've set up a page to publish in the future and would like to stop that scheduled publish from occurring, you can take the following steps:

  1. Open the scheduled page in the editor

  2. Click the Scheduled button at the top of the editor and select "View Scheduling"

  3. In the Scheduling panel, click the "Publish page on" checkbox to uncheck it

  4. Click "Save changes" at the bottom of the scheduling panel

How to cancel a scheduled publish in Shogun Page Builder

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