Content Scheduling allows for you to set a date and a time for your page to go public. This can be great for scheduling when sales pages go live on your site.

How to schedule a page with Shogun

1. Make changes to your existing page or create a new page in Shogun that you would like to have publish at a future date.

2. Make sure that the page has been saved.

3. Go to the right-hand sidebar and set the date that you would like Shogun to automatically publish the update or the new page.

4. Set an unpublish date (optional, and this will not work for the homepage).

5. Schedule the page.

6. Manage your scheduled pages either in the page editor or in the dashboard. You can make use of the filter in order to filter out your scheduled pages.

7. Shogun will automatically publish the page at the date you have specified (and unpublish it if you have specified that as well).

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