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How do I undo a page import?
How do I undo a page import?

Use the "Reverse Import" option to restore the original version of any page you've imported into Shogun.

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If you need to unimport a page for any reason, you can easily do so by using the "Reverse Import" option in Shogun.

Note: The option to reverse page imports was introduced on July 3, 2018. Pages that were created or imported prior to that date will not have the option to reverse the import or restore the original content.


Undo an Import From The Shogun Dashboard

To reverse a page that has been imported into Shogun, first, you can locate the page in your Shogun dashboard.

Before you go ahead and reverse the page import, don't forget that you can save your content or parts of your content with the Snippets feature, if you wish!

Click the three-dot Settings button, and select the "Reverse Import" option.

This option will:

  • Remove any Shogun content from the page

  • Restore the content that was in place prior to the import

  • Remove the page from your Shogun dashboard

Note: This process will not delete the page from your store. After the import has been undone, the page will still exist in your store's catalog.

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