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What happens if I change my domain?
What happens if I change my domain?

Find out the best way to prepare your site for changing your stores domain.

Updated over a week ago

The ability to change domains for your store is an option that is offered by your ecommerce platform but does have an affect on your Shogun content.

How does this affect my account?

It doesn't. Since the underlying store is the same, this is technically still considered the same store, even if the domain is changed.

What if I am changing stores?

If you are not only changing the domain of your store, but also changing to a new account on your ecommerce platform, then this would be considered a separate Shogun account. This would require you to install Shogun on the new store.

On select plans, we do offer a Sync feature that makes it migrate Shogun content across stores. You can find out more about Sync by clicking here.

Does changing domains affect my pages?

Short answer, no. Since your pages are served by your e-commerce platform, they will still be served on your site at

One thing to note is that links on your pages will not automatically be updated to the new domain. This will need to be done manually, unless redirects have been set up on your previous domain or store.

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