Can I change my theme?

Changing your theme within Shopify is super easy, Shogun will work with your new theme once it's published

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Changing your theme is something that you will probably do at some stage during your store's lifecycle on Shopify.

How can I prepare Shogun for a theme change?

In most cases, no extra steps are needed when you switch to a new theme. Shogun will automatically install its default code when the theme is activated.

However, if you have set a Shogun page as your storefront in the previous theme,  you will need to unset and then reset the homepage in your new theme. This step will apply the page as the storefront in your new theme.

Please note: if you have a Shogun homepage set on your store and you are duplicating your theme, Shopify does not copy over previous versions of the index.liquid file - this, unfortunately, means that reverting the homepage may not be possible and may require recreation of the homepage.

If you do notice any issues with your pages, simply republish the pages and this should resolve any other issues that you may have.

PB Sections for Shopify

Any sections you may have built will need to be republished in our editor after you make the theme change in order to push that content to the new theme and make it available in the Shopify theme customizer.

A note on Unpublished Themes

Please note that Shogun does not currently work on unpublished themes, however, we do have an article detailing some more details on workarounds for this,

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