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How can I view my Shogun account activity?
How can I view my Shogun account activity?

Learn how to view the events that take place on your store, what the event was and the user that carried out the action.

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The Events section of your Team page is a log of the activity on your Shogun account. This documents the actions that your users have taken on your store, useful to track page publishing, page creation, or account changes.

This feature is available on our Enterprise plans, you can check out our documentation to upgrade: How to Upgrade. If you are on a legacy Shogun account, please get into email support and we would be happy to help:

To get started, navigate to the Teams page and enter the Events tab*, or click on the 'change(s) recently' in the user card to view the user's changes.

This information can be sorted by order of newest to oldest, or oldest to newest, depending on your needs.

What events can you view?

Event logs will show you three pieces of vital information.

  • What change was made

  • Who made the change

  • When the change was made

Event types:

  • Page created - when a page was created in Shogun

  • Page edited - when a page was edited in Shogun

  • Page published - when a page was published in Shogun

  • Page scheduled - if a page is set to be published, it will show the time it was scheduled

  • Page deleted - when a page was deleted in Shogun

  • AB tests - when AB tests are started, ended and updated

  • Form data - if form data has been downloaded, it will be logged here

  • CMS collections - updates and edits to CMS collections will be shown

  • Custom elements - updated and edits to custom elements will be shown

  • Account related - if users are added to the account, if the account plan is changed or there are other changes to the account, there will show here.

Filtering events

The Event log can be filtered by any event type that is available - this can be useful when dealing with a large number of events.

* Event logs are currently only available on Core (deprecated) and Enterprise plans. 

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