Export Shogun form data
Now that you have visitors submitting information on your forms, it's time to export it!
Written by Edward Savoy
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Submissions from all of your Shogun forms are stored in the Form Data section of the Shogun dashboard. Simply navigate to the Advanced section of the Shogun dashboard and to the Form Data tab.

Select form(s) to export
You can choose to export a single form into a CSV file, or multiple if you need to. Simple check the box beside each form name in order to add it to the export.

Add a date range
Need form submissions for a certain date range? Select the from 30, 60 or 90 days, or make it a completely custom range.

Note: the exported CSV will always go to the logged in users email address. There is currently no method of changing where the export will be sent.

What is included in a CSV export?

Your CSV export will include the following information for the forms that you have exported:
- Form Name
- Date and Time
- Any information that your visitor has submitted - this depends on the fields that you have added to your form.

How do I open my CSV export?

Most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Apple Numbers will allow you to open your CSV file.

Can I link my form to a third party mailing list?

Not at the moment, this would require a third party form be used on your site.

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