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How to use the dashboard search to its full potential
How to use the dashboard search to its full potential

Learn how to make the most out of the search bar in the dashboard to find and edit your pages!

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From finding the pages on your account to finding pages in your e-commerce platform account that you can import into Shogun - the dashboard search bar has you covered. You'll find the search bar right at the top of your dashboard!

Searching for pages in e-commerce platform

As you get started with Shogun, one of the first things that you may want to do is import an existing page into Shogun so that you can go ahead and start editing the page. Simply type your query into the search bar to find the page you wish to import*.

You will notice that the results have two features: a tag with external meaning that the page has yet to be imported; and the option to import the page into Shogun. Pages that are already imported into Shogun will appear slightly different - more on this below. This will show results for standard, product, collection and blog article pages.

*Please note: not all pages have the ability to be imported, certain pages are controlled by the theme.

Searching for pages in your Shogun account

Once you start building more and more pages with Shogun, it's important to be able to find them again! Similar to your e-commerce platform pages, get started by typing the page name into the search bar! Selecting the page from the search results will allow you to open the page once more.

Getting the most out of your search queries

Getting the right results is the most important part of a search, right? Let's get started with some tips on getting the most relevant results from your searches.

Let's say you are looking for your best selling product Cinnamon Scented Soy Candle - there are a few search queries that will surface this. Some examples:

  • Soy Candle

  • Cinnamon

  • Cinnamon Scented

  • Cinnamon Candle

And many more. You may notice that certain search queries do not work with the search bar, for example:

  • Scent

The most specific you are with the page name, the faster you will get the exact result that you are hoping to get.

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