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Subscriptions by Recharge: Subscriptions for Shopify
Subscriptions by Recharge: Subscriptions for Shopify
An overview of how to integrate your Recharge subscription application into your Shogun content.
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What are Subscriptions by Recharge?

Subscriptions by Recharge is a popular subscription application that allows merchants to offer product subscriptions to their users.

Recharge Widget

If you are a Shogun user subscribed under a current (not depreciated) plan, you have access to our Recharge Widget, which is the easiest and most straightforward solution to implement in order to get subscription content to render on your non-product forms in the context of the Product Box.

If you are not seeing this option, and are on a depreciated plan type or version, you can visit the Pick a Plan page, where you can find a prompt either to 'update' your plan to a current iteration, or select a current plan in the event you are subscribed under a plan no longer available to new sign-ups.

Once you have a valid plan and products in your store with a subscription option provided by Recharge, enabling the widget is a one-step process.

You will find if you scroll to the 'Integrations' section of the Dashboard, located at the bottom of the 'Settings' page, the option to 'Enable' Recharge.

Clicking 'Save' while ensuring you followed the steps listed above that prompt will enable the Recharge Widget in the editor experience.

Note: If you add a Product Price element to the page and publish it, on a published page you should notice the discount configured in the Recharge dashboard being applied to Product Price if you select the subscription option.

I don't have a current plan; What can I do?

Regardless of your subscription plan with us, you will find you can leverage Recharge with respect to product pages using the 'existing layout'.

Recharge relies on the theme's built-in Add to Cart buttons to function off the shelf. The Custom Layout does not contain the theme's built-in components, so Recharge will not work with this template by default.

Using a "custom layout" product page or non-product pages

Please note: this is not an official integration and as such Shogun support will not be able to offer support or take responsibility for any issues relating to the operation or integration of Subscriptions by Recharge.

On the Custom Layout and non-product pages, Recharge may be integrated with some custom code. Their line item documentation shows a partial solution of an HTML form. To complete the form, specific subscription data, and a submit button would need to be added. This custom form can be added to your Shogun page using the HTML element:

Adding a custom "Add to Cart" button and script

Recharge has provided some great documentation on adding a custom "Add to Cart" script to pages:

This script can be applied within Shogun using the standard Button element, the CSS Class field, and the HTML element. A unique CSS class can be applied to a Button element in Shogun in the Advanced style settings:

The Recharge script can be updated to include that CSS class and the subscription data. The script can then be added to an HTML element on the page.


Options 2 and 3 would likely require the assistance of a developer. If you do not have access to a developer, we recommend the following resources to recruit help with custom code:

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