Recharge Subscriptions for BigCommerce
Information on Shogun Page Builder's integration with Recharge Subscriptions for BigCommerce
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What is Recharge?

Recharge Subscriptions is a popular application that allows merchants to offer product subscriptions to their customers.

Using the Recharge Widget

If you are a Shogun user subscribed under a current (not depreciated) plan, you have access to our Recharge Widget, which is the easiest and most straightforward solution to implement in order to get subscription content to render on your non-product forms in the context of the Product Box.

If you are not seeing this option, and are on a depreciated plan type or version, you can visit the Pick a Plan page, where you can find a prompt either to 'update' your plan to a current iteration, or select a current plan in the event you are subscribed under a plan no longer available to new sign-ups.

I don't have a current plan; What can I do?

Regardless of your subscription plan with us, you will find you can leverage Recharge with respect to product pages when the product is presented through the theme, not our product box.

Enabling the Recharge Integration

Once you have a valid plan and products in your store with a subscription option provided by Recharge, enabling the widget is a one-step process.

To enable Recharge in your Page Builder account, go to the Settings section of your Shogun dashboard. Scroll down to the Integrations panel and click the Enable button next to the Recharge integration option.

Clicking "Enable" will display an overview of the integration's requirements and a link to Recharge's configuration guide. Click the Save button to activate the Recharge widget.

Adding Recharge to your BigCommerce Page

Once the integration is enabled and Recharge products have been configured in your store, displaying the Recharge button in your Shogun content is quick & easy.

Simply drag the Recharge Widget element from the sidebar into a Product Box in your Shogun content.

Important Notes

  • Only one Recharge Widget can be used per page.

  • Product prices on the page will not update to reflect a discounted rate when a subscription is selected.

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