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How to Leverage your Brand Styles
How to Leverage your Brand Styles

Use Brand Styles to set default styles that can be used across your page's Text and Heading elements

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Configuring your Brand Styles

Setting up your Brand Styles is achieved by navigating over to the left-hand bar and popping out the Brand Styles pane. The default will be populated based on your Theme if we find a match, otherwise we will assigned default Fonts and Font Colors.

From this pane, you can currently set default fonts for your Heading and Text elements and default colors that will be applied to any of those elements you drop on the canvas.

In applying either a font or color for the first time, you'll be presented with a dialogue box after clicking 'Update' in this pane, which will have you confirm that all relevant Shogun elements added across all of your pages will inherit the styling you selected.

My Content isn't following the Brand Style, Why Not?

Brand Styles is designed to enable easier control of the default element behavior for your store. Additionally, you can deploy bulk changes across multiple pages through updating your Brand Styles.

Note, there are many ways to override your elements to not reflect your Brand Styles:

  • Any element on a page that has a font explicitly set via Controls or the Rich Text Editor will override the Brand Style default. You can disconnect the defined font to update that element to adopt the Brand Style.

  • Applying a Saved Style will also override the Brand Style.

Are you finding Brand Styles helpful but have a feature improvement request? Book a call with the Shogun Product Team, we'd love to chat.

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