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Enhancing your web page's performance with Shogun Insights
Enhancing your web page's performance with Shogun Insights

Shogun Insights empowers you to enhance your web page's performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

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Shogun Insights is designed to help you enhance your web page's performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. With Shogun Insights, you can gain valuable insights into potential improvements that can be made to optimize your website and provide a better user experience.

Shogun Insights is a new, exciting feature available when you are subscribed to select Shogun plans. Please check the Plans section of your Shogun settings for availability.

Accessing Shogun Insights

  1. Log in to your Shogun account.

  2. Click on the page you want to improve.

  3. In the left sidebar of the editor, you will see the Insight icon. Click this to open the Insights panel.

    Accessibility, SEO, and performance insights inside Shogun

Feature Overview

Shogun Insights offers audits in four critical areas:

Performance Audit

The performance audit assesses your page's loading speed and responsiveness. It identifies opportunities to reduce loading times and enhance user experience.




Audit Mechanism

Relevant Elements

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Use video formats for animated content

Use correct file formats for animations or images

Use MPEG4 or WebM video formats for animated content and PNG or WebP image formats for static images. This ensures faster load times.

Box, Image

Serve images with proper resolutions

Use images with the correct image resolution

Adjust the resolution of your images by enabling Responsive image feature in Main element settings in order to serve optimal image resolution to size of the user’s screen.

HTML, Box, Image

Accessibility Audit

The accessibility audit examines your page for compliance with accessibility standards. It highlights areas where improvements can be made to ensure your content is accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.




Audit Mechanism

Relevant Elements

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Color contrast

Adjust the background and foreground color contrast ratio.

Change the background and foreground colors to have a sufficient contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for small text and 3:1 for large text.


Empty headings

Add content to your headers

Improve your site experience for screen reader users by adding descriptive, accessible text to your headers.

Heading, Text, HTML

Heading order

Organize your headings to improve page navigation

Organize your headings using the H1, H2, H3, etc. tag format. This improves accessibility and helps all site visitors find what they’re looking for easily.

Heading, Text, HTML

Enhance User Interaction with Proper Tap Target Sizing

Adjust the size of buttons and links

Resize your buttons and links to be big enough (48x48 pixels) and spaced well for easy, precise tapping.

Button, Quantity, Variant, Add to Cart, Check Box, Radio Button, Form Submit Button

Legible font sizes

Use readable font sizes

Make 60% or more of your page text at least 12 px. Anything less can be challenging to read on mobile devices.

Heading, Text, HTML, Product Title, Price, Add to Cart, Form Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Form Submit Button

Images without alt attributes

Add alt text to images

Add descriptive alt text to images to improve accessibility and help search engines find your site.

Text, HTML, Image

Best Practices Audit

The best practices audit evaluates your page against industry best practices. It suggests optimizations that can enhance the overall quality and functionality of your website.




Audit Mechanism

Relevant Elements

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Image aspect ratio

Use images with the correct aspect ratio

Adjust the aspect ratio (also known as proportions) of your images so they don’t look stretched or squished.

HTML, Box, Image

SEO Audit

The SEO audit analyzes your page's search engine optimization. It identifies potential issues that may impact your page's visibility in search engine results and suggests ways to improve your page's ranking.




Audit Mechanism

Relevant Elements

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Missing meta description

Write a meta description for your page

Help search engines discover and understand your page by adding a detailed meta description.


Descriptive link texts

Add descriptive text to your links

Improve your site’s accessibility and help search engines understand your content by making your link text descriptive.

Heading, Text, HTML, Button, Add to Cart, Form Submit Button

Crawlable links

Some links on your page aren’t crawlable by search engines

Help search engines find and understand your content by making them crawlable. Ensure that the href attribute of anchor elements links navigates to an appropriate destination

Heading, Text, HTML, Button, Image, Social, Container, Icon

Links have valid destinations

Add working link destinations

Make sure all links on your site are working to avoid broken links.

Heading, Text, Button, Box

Auditing Mechanisms

Shogun Insights provides two distinct auditing mechanisms:

API-Driven Check

This mechanism involves a manual process that users can trigger via clicking “Run Audit” or refreshing the audit. Within a few seconds, you'll receive audit results highlighting potential issues and areas for improvement.

Real-Time Interactive Check

The real-time interactive check offers instant feedback. As you build your web page, Shogun Insights will provide immediate feedback on performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. This allows you to assess changes in real-time.

Laws around web accessibility vary greatly depending on the country, state, and/or regional jurisdiction you fall under. Shogun does not give legal advice, whether on accessibility compliance or otherwise. For more information, please see this overview of the laws and policies in your region. If you’re unsure of how these policies apply to you, please consult an accessibility or legal expert for more information.

Interpreting Results

Shogun Insights provides a scoring system to gauge the overall health of your web page.

Understanding Scores

A higher score signifies a well-optimized web page with fewer issues. Conversely, a lower score indicates the presence of more issues that require attention.

  • 100: No issues found, excellent page performance

  • Less than 100: Indicates the number of issues detected on your page

To calculate the score, we rely on the number of issues we can detect in each category. As we add more checks to Shogun Insights, the scores in each category and overall score may change. This means that your web page's score may improve or decline over time as we add more checks to our auditing mechanisms.

Viewing Detailed Findings

Click on each audit category to view detailed findings. Shogun Insights will present a list of identified issues and recommended actions to address them.

Taking Action

Resolving Issues

For each identified issue, Shogun Insights provides action buttons to point you to the right place to address the problem:

In this example, the callout was for SEO and with regard to a link on a Heading being broken. Clicking the "Update Item" button will select the specific Heading in question and highlight the field where the link requires a correction.

Re-running Audits

After implementing and saving your changes, you can re-run audits to check the impact of your improvements on your web page's performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

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