The Add to Cart Button is a super important element for your store as it allows for your customers to add your products to their carts, and go ahead with the purchasing of your product.

How to Add an Add to Cart Button

Adding an Add to Cart Button into your Shogun page is a breeze. First, set down a Product Box Element to insert your Add to Cart Button into.

Setting the text Add to Cart Button text

Setting the text of the button is important to inform your customer what they are to do next. This is generally a simple instruction.

Styling your Add to Cart Button

To better suit your site, the Add to Cart Button can be customised to suit your needs, with the option to change the font, the font size and the color of the font that you are presenting to your customers.

Sold Out & Unavailable Text

You can set the text that the button will show if a product is unavailable or sold out on your store.

Successful Text

If you choose to leave the user on, you might want to confirm the customer that their product has been added into their cart. You can set this up within Shogun!

Changing the click behaviour of your button

Shogun's Add to Cart Button currently has two options that you can set for the click behaviour, 'go to cart' and 'stay on page'. If you have 'go to cart' selected, your customer will be sent to their cart once they have added their product to their basket. If you choose 'stay on page', the product will be added to the cart, but the user will remain on the page.

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