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Leverage AI Designer to build fully customized content blocks
Leverage AI Designer to build fully customized content blocks

AI Designer allows you to design sections of your website such as hero banners, value proposition blocks, customer review sections, and more

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AI Designer is a game-changing feature designed to elevate your page-building experience! It leverages AI technology to significantly reduce the time required to build a page by creating fully customized content blocks. These generated blocks not only serve as an excellent starting point but also can be refined further using our intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

AI Designer is only available when you are subscribed to any of our current plans. Please check the Plans section of your Shogun settings for availability.

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Feature Overview

AI Designer allows you to generate high-quality sections of your online store, entirely through AI. Imagine creating compelling hero banners, value proposition blocks, and customer reviews just by entering a few prompts!

AI Designer takes into account your current page content, store information, and other Shogun features like Brand Styles, ensuring the generated sections align with your brand messaging.

How to write great prompts?

To successfully create your desired sections, is largely influenced by the quality of the prompts you provide. Here are some tips for writing great prompts:

Be concise

Your prompts should be straightforward and clear. Rather than overloading the AI Designer with information, get straight to the point.

An example of a poor prompt might be:

We want a banner that’s really fun, with lots of beach themes incorporated, and we want it to really capture the essence of summer and relaxation...

Conversely, an example of a great prompt might be:

Create a beach-themed banner reflecting summer relaxation.

Be specific

AI Designer understands components in the same way you do, therefore providing specific details will help generate more accurate results.

An example of a poor prompt might be:

Make a banner for our sites autumn collection.

Conversely, an example of a great prompt might be:

Design a two-column banner promoting the upcoming autumn collection. The left column should have a heading and “Shop Now” button, and the right column a portrait image.

Include Desired Outcome

Defining the purpose or outcome of the content helps guide the AI's generation process, providing a clear direction for the design.

An example of a poor prompt might be:

A banner promoting the winter collection.

Conversely, an example of a great prompt might be:

A banner promoting the winter collection, encouraging visitors to explore the new arrivals, and increasing click-through to collection pages.

No Need to Wait

Once you've initiated the AI Designer’s generation process, there's no need to wait around for an AI response. The output will be inserted into the chosen page location as soon as it's ready. Feel free to make other changes or even generate other sections while the AI response is being constructed. This feature lets you manage your time effectively, getting more done while waiting for your personalized AI elements.

Regenerating Content

AI Designer isn’t quite perfect (yet) so if the output doesn't meet your needs, you can regenerate until you’re provided with your desired results.

Just click on the container and open the AI Designer again. The form will display your previous prompt, giving you an opportunity to customize it again before resubmitting.

If you’re satisfied with the overall AI Designer output (layout, imagery, etc.) but wish to rewrite specific text elements, our AI Text feature is the perfect solution. These two AI features can work side by side to provide an optimum page-building experience, allowing you to fine-tune your content without sacrificing efficiency.

Things to Note

  • This feature is meant to produce static content (outside of a slider). This means that any complex functionality (for ex: product hotspot) should be handled using Custom Elements instead.

  • AI Designer can only be inserted into empty, full-width containers or containers previously generated with AI Designer. This ensures that your AI-generated content fits seamlessly into the layout of your page.

  • AI Designer is only available to customers on our new Build, Grow, and Advanced plans. If you are on an outdated plan, upgrade to a new plan to get access.

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