Deliver engaging content experiences across your store

Shogun empowers marketers and developers with comprehensive content management software, enabling effortless delivery of tailored experiences throughout your website.

Editing a CMS item in Shogun

Tailor richer customer experiences

Deliver universal content updates

Create globally connected components and make changes at scale across your entire store with Shogun’s advanced global content controls.

Define layout control across product sets

Impose layout and design standards on a chosen product set for granular control of your product page design, empowering unlimited scalability across your catalog.
Using a Snippet on a landing page in Shogun

Coordinate campaigns at scale

Timing is everything when maximizing revenue. Shogun gives your team complete control over content delivery enabling them to schedule and coordinate crucial promotions and product launches with ease.

Generate content with the power of AI

Shogun’s advanced AI will create content for you. Generate page copy, SEO metadata and even entire sections by providing a simple prompt.
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Multi-store content management for rapid expansion

Quickly expand into new markets

Master content management for every market with ease. Synchronize content across multiple regions, and brands for unparalleled scalability.

Streamline localization

Manage international brand content in multiple languages using integrated translation applications like Weglot.
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Syncing content from mock Canadian store to mock USA store

Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack

Access crucial platform data from Shopify & BigCommerce

Effortlessly sync platform data with your content for optimal impact and efficiency thanks to Shogun’s direct integration with Shopify and BigCommerce.

Integrate with top ecommerce tools

Connect apps like Klaviyo, ReCharge, Yotpo, Loox and more directly with Shogun. Use your current tech stack to power richer, more engaging content experiences across your store.
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Enabling integrations with top ecommerce tools in Shogun

Full flexibility for developers

Content management tools for developers

Standardize content management

Integrate an array of  dynamic content types within custom-coded elements. Store HTML, images, integers, booleans, and more all in one place, ready for rapid deployment.
Updating CMS entry in Shogun

Empower your non-technical team members

Enable anyone on your team to update content entries to quickly update content across your store automatically. Remove repetitive manual updates and introduce a truly agile workflow that responds instantly to your data changes.

Facilitate efficient workflows across your web team

Showing 13+ users with access to Shogun

Enhance team collaboration

With unique roles and permissions, plus audit logs to track recent changes, your teams’ merchandisers, growth managers, and agency partners can each access, edit, and preview content for flexible customization, fast.
Audit logs in Shogun

Document changes, automatically

See content’s revision history, roll back to previous versions as needed and maximize security working across your web teams.

Complete ecommerce content management

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Marketing for growth

Create timely content for product launches, paid campaigns and more
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Granular content controls

Manage changes to content at scale across your entire website, with ease
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Ecommerce platform support

Fully integrated with the most popular ecommerce platforms
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SEO at scale

Out-of-the-box features to keep your pages optimized
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AI-powered content creation

AI-generated headlines, SEO elements, and entire webpage sections
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Human-powered support

Friendly customer support team is here to support your success

Build better experiences faster with Shogun

See how Shogun can take your store to new heights.
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