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Create high-converting BigCommerce landing pages with the advanced Shogun Visual Editor.

Elements panel from Shogun's visual page builder and a home page from a mock ecommerce brand selling home decor products

How modern brands exceed limits

Shogun’s powerful no-code visual page editor integrates natively with BigCommerce. Achieve your vision quickly with generative AI, robust content management, and optimization features.

Shogun's Visual Editor


Empower your entire team to build landing pages with a powerful visual editor.

70+ ready-made templates

Shogun templates prioritize conversion rate optimization, providing a high-performance foundation for crafting custom landing pages.

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Shogun Page Templates

Create with elements

Craft your ideal landing page with a variety of page elements, including lead-capture forms, ‘add to cart’ buttons, sliders, accordions, countdown timers, and social media embeds.

Creating with Shogun's drag and drop page elements

Precise content placement

The grid-based visual editor empowers merchandising teams with complete flexibility to position content precisely on the page. Break away from cookie-cutter layouts and customize your site’s design seamlessly, without the need to edit your theme’s code.

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Using the grid element for precise content placement

Manage at scale

Advanced content management features to save you time while making site-wide changes at scale with globally connected components on Shogun-created pages.

Reuse content across your storefront

Update key content like value propositions, customer reviews, or policies across your entire site at once using Global ‘Snippets’. Craft a custom page section or piece of copy once and then deploy it anywhere with ease as many times as you’d like.

Effortlessly replicate content across multiple stores

Say goodbye to tedious manual content management for multiple stores, sub-brands, or locales! With Content Syncing, easily propagate existing store content to all your additional sites.

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Content Syncing for internationalization


Tailor and enhance the customer experience on your BigCommerce store with Shogun's comprehensive array of optimization tools.

A/B testing

Run A/B tests across any Shogun page with multiple page variants to continuously optimize the performance of your most important site pages.

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A/B Testing

Deliver personalized pages tailored to user segments

Create customized page variants for customers based on customer location, referring URL, Klaviyo segmentation data, and more with Personalization.

Creating a personalized shopping experience with Shogun

Native analytics

View all the metrics that matter to your brand including conversion rates, add to cart rates, unique sessions, bounce rates, and more. Gain insights from your A/B tests and personalized experiences that enable you to optimize as you build.

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Shogun's native analytics

Developer tools for precise control

Build from scratch

Go beyond standard elements and create your own Custom Elements to build dynamic experiences on your pages. Custom Elements can be created once and reused by anyone on the team to create totally new pages from brand-compliant custom content sections.

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Custom Elements

All the critical features you expect

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Mobile responsive design

Modify page designs for different device screen sizes and breakpoints. Preview as you build to ensure an optimized experience across all devices.
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Brand styles

Set and modify default styles and design elements for brand consistency across your Shogun-built pages.
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Scheduled content publishing

Schedule the publish or expiry of store content at designated times to coordinate time-sensitive holiday sales and promotions without the hassle.
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SEO tools

Easily change meta titles, descriptions, open graph meta tags, and image alternate text on every page. Get insights into keyword opportunities and use a generative AI blog writer to help create blog content for promising keywords.
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AI Text

Select any text element, add a prompt, and get contextual copywriting for store headlines, hero banners, and product descriptions.

Integrates with your ecommerce stack

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Customer reviews

Showcase customer reviews from the top providers (Yotpo,, Loox) directly on pages to make a positive impression on your site visitors.
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Email marketing

Send submissions from your Shogun email forms directly into Klaviyo to maximize revenue of your email marketing efforts.
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Provide your shoppers with the ability to subscribe to recurring purchases of your products directly on Shogun-built landing pages. Add the Recharge widget to instantly boost customer lifetime value.

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