Global Snippets

Learn more about the newest feature on our advanced plan, Global Snippets. Global Snippets enables you to take any snippet and deploy it across many pages to give you more control and peace of mind that every corner of your store is up to date with your latest changes.


39 mins


Reese Hammerstrom

Product Manager, Integrations

Maura Hughes

Integrated Marketing Manager

What you'll learn

You already save time with custom ‘snippets’ created in Page Builder, and now you can deploy bulk-changes to these, fast.

Whether it’s content for product value props, store policies (shipping, returns, warranties), or even social proof, now you can capture a custom snippet and deploy bulk changes for greater efficiency. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in this webinar:

  • A demo of our newest feature on the Advanced Plan, Global Snippets,
  • A sneak peek at what we’re working on and what’s coming to Page Builder next,
  • A Q&A with our product team where we answered questions like how to use Snippets with Shopify Sections, how to publish Global Snippets across multiple pages, and more.