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Nextbase increases conversion rate with a personalized collection page

increase in conversion rate
increase in clickthrough rate
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Nextbase is the global leader in car technology. As a producer of award-winning dash cameras and accessories, Nextbase offers solutions for consumer and corporate needs.


Car technology


Waterloo, England
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A market leader prioritizing custom content

Nextbase, a UK-based dash camera brand has already established itself as a leader in the car technology industry. Founded in 1999, they are one of the largest Smart Dash Cam brands and as a market leader, the Nextbase team recognized the importance of delivering customized content to their customers.

So when Rory McMenigall, Web Producer, and Douglas De Santi, Global Head of DTC, heard about Shogun’s Personalization tool, they jumped at the chance to experiment with it.

A rewarding experience for past customers

Personalization enables merchants to increase engagement and conversions by delivering custom content for different audience segments. This feature allows merchants to create audience segments based on factors such as shopper location, referral source or Klaviyo data. Then using Shogun’s visual editor, they can create unique page variants that will only show to their chosen audience segment.

Rory had been interested in custom content because he wanted to offer more relevant shopping experiences to their customers. So he quickly got to work on the team’s first personalized experience. The Nextbase team wanted to improve the shopping experience for existing customers who had already purchased their main product, the Dash Cam.

Rory identified this segment with Klaviyo CDP, which builds segments using customer data and interactions such as email activity, product reviews, and purchase history. Rory used Klaviyo CDP to create a segment of customers who had previously purchased a Dash Cam. With that segment in place, he then created a personalized experience of their Dash Cam collection page.

Since this segment already owns a Dash Cam, there was no need to continue to promote that product. So, for this personalized variant, Rory replaced the Dash Cam promotional element with a banner that promotes different but complementary products, the Rear Window Cam, Rear View Camera and Cabin View Camera.

Nextbase screens showing two different shopping experiences

The goal was to increase conversion rate and sales of these complementary products but most importantly, they wanted to provide a better shopping experience to their customers.

“We wanted to stop promoting products that a customer had already purchased because that’s a generic experience,” explains Rory.  

The results

The Nextbase team let their experiment run for a few weeks. While it ran, they refrained from any changes to their post-purchase marketing strategy. They already had a post-purchase email campaign that promoted the Rear Window Camera and the Rear View Camera, which tied in nicely with the personalized experience.

By switching the banner from a product this segment already owns to other complementary products, they were able to provide a more relevant experience – and they saw bottomline results too!

The personalized page achieved a 6.34% conversion rate, a 122% increase from the original page’s conversion rate of 2.86%. They also saw a 68% clickthrough rate, a 23% increase from the original variant’s clickthrough rate of 55%.

Nextbase Targeted Experience results

The future is customized

The success of this first experiment proves a point that Rory believes: customized content is the future of ecommerce.

Rory predicts that customized content will become more prevalent and more important because consumers now expect it. He uses the rise of TikTok as an example of how custom content has become the norm. TikTok’s targeted algorithm helped it skyrocket to the social media platform of the moment and its influence is extending into all different types of online experiences. Users don’t want to see generic pages anymore and they’re not expecting one. They want more relevant experiences.

For Rory, Douglas and the Nextbase team, this is just the beginning of giving their customers personalized content.

As Rory says “It’s pretty much endless what you can do with it.”

And no matter what experience they create next, they will continue to set the standard for providing the best possible shopping experiences.

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