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BondiBoost Saves 40 Hours a Month on Content Creation and Scales Multi-Store Management

Average US-Based landing page conversion rate
Cumulative increase to conversion rate(s) across all US landing page offers
hours/week saved on page creation across regional storefronts
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Since 2018, BondiBoost has created wildly popular haircare products. From growth shampoo to the iconic Wave Wand, this brand is dedicated to helping customers not just improve their hair—but fall in love with it.




Sydney, Australia
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BondiBoost needed more control over their ecommerce site

Offering products like their Thickening Therapy Shampoo and hot tools like the Sonic Dryer, BondiBoost has quickly become a household name.

Fast forward five years since inception, they’ve expanded into US and UK markets from their Australian roots, amassed a cult-like following, and have been acquired by Gauge Capital—all with a headcount of less than 50.

April Porter, Creative Manager at BondiBoost, says that their small and nimble ecommerce team wanted to keep marketing initiatives, like Shopify landing page and site creation, in-house as they scaled operations for control and efficiency:

“Our DTC channels are pretty strong, so controlling what we push to those channels is super important…Many things change last minute [and] having control over our Shopify site content with the power to make fast changes ourselves is crucial for us.”

Speed to market is important, and without dedicated in-house developers, April knew they’d need a Shopify builder to empower their non-technical web team:

“Creating pages before Shogun was challenging. We’d spend hours building from scratch. Plus, our Shopify site didn’t always have the precise look and feel we wanted to elevate the brand or stand out in the haircare space without looping in a developer. Before, everything needed to be hand-coded.” — April Porter, Creative Manager at BondiBoost

Moreover, the scaling team needed a way to keep content consistent for each global Shopify storefront (US, UK, Australia). Managing three international regions proved wildly inefficient because they couldn’t push similar content or promotions easily from store to store. Each store’s content had to be made and published manually.

BondiBoost wanted content syncing across Shopify stores and to create their own custom data collections and elements. The ability to create and combine more dynamic elements they envisioned in-house would give their store the custom look they needed to differentiate their brand.

April’s team needed easy drag-and-drop creation but also a solution powerful enough to efficiently manage multiple Shopify stores. Plus, they needed to publish a high volume of content faster.

Implementing a builder that would scale with the brand

To achieve Shopify content creation at scale (for more conversions), BondiBoost chose Shogun, specifically the Advanced plan.

Now, anyone on the BondiBoost team can spin up custom, on-brand landing pages fit for creative campaigns without code.

Beyond creation becoming easier with Shogun’s block library and pre-made templates, BondiBoost regularly uses features that ensure the solution has grown with their business.

For example, BondiBoost launched this Hair Goals page and HG Shampoo page using custom elements and reusable ‘snippets’ (pre-styled content captured for reuse):

Custom elements and snippets help April’s team scale page creation and slash speed to launch. They can publish new offers and promotions faster without compromising on consistency.

BondiBoost also creates engaging Shopify collections pages that help with product discovery using Shogun’s drag-and-drop elements, like this Shop the Systems page:

Customized Shopify collection pages help shoppers discover products based on self-selected needs.

“One of our brand pillars is for our products and digital experiences to feel ‘effortless’ for customers,” says April. “Whether customers arrive from a Google search, an ad, or elsewhere, we want their site interactions to be unified and consistent. The level of control Shogun gives us over these experiences helps facilitate this consistency. ”

With BondiBoost crafting content for three different global markets, April says they’ve gained efficiency thanks to Shogun’s content syncing:

“Before we had Page Builder Advanced, we managed three different landing pages [for three geographic locales]. So it would take me quite a while to make changes because I would build everything from scratch each time per site,” says April. “I quickly realized we needed to upgrade, and doing so has saved me several hours.”

Where creation for different regions used to take April about five hours, she can now duplicate store content for the UK and US versions of the BondiBoost storefront in just one click.

BondiBoost landing pages
BondiBoost landing pages
The BondiBoost team can now reuse and push duplicate content for various global storefronts in just a few clicks with content syncing.

Today, April and the BondiBoost team have:

  • No code content creation for Shopify
  • Improved internal workflows that free up developer resources and reduce outsourcing costs;
  • The power to keep all three BondiBoost international locales consistent and aligned to market needs;
  • Control over on-brand global styles like fonts, colors, images, and page margins;
  • Access to a templates library with ready-to-use layouts that are easily customized; and
  • A more custom Shopify site primed for effortless shopping

Scaling customized store content boosted conversion rates

Since using Shogun, BondiBoost has continued to create and iterate on dynamic site content for their target audiences across all three international regions.

BondiBoost’s storefronts are consistently on-brand, yet tailored to each geographic locale, which has had a significant impact on conversion rates, and the bottom line.

Since adopting Shogun, BondiBoost has:

  • Increased average conversion rates on US-based offer landing pages to upwards of 6.47% (a relative 65% difference compared with non-customized Shopify pages converting at 3.92%.)
  • Steadily increased US-based landing page conversion rates by a cumulative 196.7% since the brand’s first page went live up to the most current offers.
  • Saved an estimated 8-10 hours on page creation per page across multiple regional sites they manage, thanks to content syncing on Shogun.

April and her team have saved hundreds of hours as they’ve scaled page creation. Now that everyone on the team can DIY pages without code and templatize their proven promotions. This allows their outsourced developer to work on other high-impact projects.

What used to take several hours per page now takes just two or three and can be done in-house.

As the brand grows in Australia, the UK, and the US, staying agile with content syncing, custom elements, user permissions, and more has been essential.

“BondiBoost isn’t technically a startup, but we move fast. Having a tool like Shogun in our stack helps us move quickly and experiment across our three markets, which is critical to the business,” says April.

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