A multi-store ecommerce platform for growth

Shogun’s advanced development and content management tools make it easy to expand and manage your brand’s growing web presence across multiple sites and regional markets.

Mock brand with multiple storefronts across different countries

Safeguard brand standards as you scale

Achieve consistency across web properties

Get granular control over the look and feel of your products and site content with our suite of content management tools (including a Brand Styles feature)  designed for aligning to and maintaining your brand identity as you scale.

Advanced design controls for larger product catalogs

Implement standard layout and design across a predefined set of products for more granular control. With Shogun's Product Page Templates product page design can scale at the rate catalog expansion.
Applying a product page template in Shogun

Consolidate: One web workflow for many stores

Reuse all assets

With Shogun, build content and site assets rapidly, with pixel perfect accuracy. All elements or styled components can be saved and cataloged, accelerating time to market.

Sync content across multiple stores

Site content (or custom-coded site elements) created with the Shogun platform can be cloned across multiple storefronts. Development teams in North America can create digital assets used by ecommerce web teams in APAC, or vice versa.
Using a Snippet on a landing page in Shogun

Maximize developer efficiency with AI

Increase the productivity of your ecommerce development team with our artificial intelligence tools, generating custom code in just a few simple prompts.

Consolidated analytics for multi-store

Get actionable insights into your sales activity and conversion rates across storefront instances with Shogun’s native ecommerce analytics. Connect to Segment to standardize and manage your Shogun-generated data to enrich the rest of your tech stack.
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AI Custom Elements

Global expansion without complexity

Audit logs UI

Efficient regional team collaboration

Set unique roles and user permissions for regionally managed sites for easy, controlled, access to digital assets, plus ensure site security. Audit logs provide records for every action completed in your Shogun account, by user, to globally monitor and track recent changes.
Content Syncing UI

Compatible with Shopify Markets

Now manage all of your storefronts from one Shogun account instance with our integration with Shopify Markets.

Translations you can trust

Shogun is fully compatible with translation solutions like Weglot allowing you to localize your brand content for new markets efficiently.
No-code visual builder

Empower global teams with no-code design tools

Shogun provides no-code, visual design tools for your global ecommerce teams to create unique and localized experiences for their target locales without heavy reliance on your core development team.

An international expansion toolkit for ecommerce

Syncing Icon

Sync global store content

Sync content, unique digital assets, and designs across multiple site instances to streamline international expansion.
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Scalable CMS capability

Get content management tools enabling design and content governance at scale.
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Seamless localization

Instantly provide regional customers with translations using localization solutions like Weglot.
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Smart team management

Enterprise-grade user permission controls and activity logs to manage your workflow.
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Shopify Markets

Compatible with Shopify Markets to take the complexity out of global expansion.
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Advanced developer tools

Generative AI features and custom development tools support the ability to achieve a precise vision, quickly.

Multi-store ecommerce software for scaling brands

See how Shogun can help you reach your international growth goals.
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