Badgley Mischka Saved 200 Development Hours and $30K in Costs

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Badgley Mischka Saved 200 Development Hours and $30K in Costs


Badgley Mischka is a lifestyle brand that focuses on timeless elegance and fun, fashion-forward designs. The brand is most known for its gowns and footwear, but has expanded into many fashion categories. Sold in some of the most prestigious stores around the world, Badgley Mischka recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and continues to grow.


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The Problem

The fashion world is always on the move — seasons change and so do trends.

As one of the most famous and recognized fashion houses in the world, Badgley Mischka is a leader in the space. And the team wanted its online storefront to reflect its robust, ever-evolving product catalog.

“We had hired three or four web development and design agencies for page updates on our old backend system, and we knew we wanted freedom from that dependency,” said Katie Ouaknine, owner at Badgley Mischka Web.

Specifically, her team was looking for the following:

  • A fix to easily create and customize page designs
  • An efficient way to update and swap out homepage assets
  • The ability to remove some reliance on third-party designers and developers

Once the brand got on BigCommerce, the web team was directed straight to Shogun.

The Solution

The Badgley Mischka web team is small, but mighty — there are only five of them — and Ouaknine is the only Shogun user. With her background in coding, she got the hang of Shogun fairly quickly.

After integrating Shogun, Ouaknine could operate independently from designers and developers and their turnaround times, and had the freedom to make quick little changes to pages in-house, which she says has been “invaluable.”

If she had to put a price tag on it, she estimates the company has saved approximately $30,000 in fees.

colorful Badgley Mischka dress shoes

Three Shogun features in particular have been helpful for Ouaknine:

  1. Video playback: She can easily link to ad campaigns and share behind-the-scenes footage.
  2. Direct integration with BigCommerce: Pages are updated and immediately visible.
  3. Drag-and drop-functionality: It makes building and designing straightforward.

And the more she uses the app, the more she’s impressed with all the functionalities.

“My skills continue to improve, and I’ve picked up little tricks along the way. It’s been fun experimenting and expanding the capabilities of the app,” Ouaknine said.

With the absence of a development team ticket system, she can make changes quickly without the back and forth — which means instant results.

The Results

Communicating design ideas and page functionality with a developer unfamiliar with your brand or industry can be a bit difficult — the technical vs. the design.

Being able to play around with features in live time to see the possibilities in design has helped the Badgley Mischka web team bridge that gap.

“Not having to rely on anyone outside of the organization has come in handy,” said Ouaknine. “I’ve been able to troubleshoot most issues and have been able to recreate beautiful and functional pages in Shogun.”

badgley mischka red carpet photo gallery

Currently, the team has over 40 active pages using Shogun, from staples such as About and FAQ pages to the interactive Red Carpet photo gallery.

The bottom line?

“Shogun is a very user-friendly tool and it empowers those with little technical expertise to design amazing web pages,” she said.