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Build high-converting online shopping with the most advanced visual editor for Shopify.

Elements panel from Shogun's visual page builder and a home page from a mock ecommerce brand selling home decor products

How modern brands exceed limits

Shopify and BigCommerce are perfect for launching stores— but custom Liquid and Stencil code make ongoing customization costly.

Shogun is the best no-code visual page builder to pair with native platforms. Achieve your vision fast with generative AI, multi-store content management, and optimization features.

Shogun's Visual Editor


With a visual page editor, now your entire team can build—no code needed.

70+ ready-made templates

Start customizing fast with dozens of pre-made templates to choose from. Import your store’s pages, or use Shogun templates with conversion best-practices built in; the library’s constantly growing.

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Shogun Page Templates

Drag-and-drop page building elements

From advanced lead-gen forms, to ‘add to cart’ buttons, sliders, accordions, countdown timers, and even Instagram embeds, customize with page elements not available in classic ecommerce platforms.

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Creating with Shogun's drag and drop page elements

Generate store content with AI

Prompt Shogun’s AI Designer to create new content in seconds. For hero banners, value props, product reviews, and more. As many variations as you need, instantly.
Page Building with AI

Manage at scale

Build the store you actually imagined. Top brands scale, only on Shogun.

Snippets UI

Reuse popular content storewide

Whether it’s value props, customer reviews ,or policies—make efficient changes to popular content sitewide with Global ‘Snippets’. Capture a styled block once, then deploy anywhere.
Product Page Template Creation UI

Create product page templates

Customize product detail page layouts to apply across sets of SKUs. Simply use the elements you need and update with universal edits. Shogun Product Page Templates dynamically fetch product info from your catalog.
Clone Content for Multistore

Clone content for multi-store

No more manual 1:1 content management for multiple stores, sub-brands, or locales! Using Content Syncing, selectively push existing store content through to all of your sites in one click.


Tailor and enhance the customer experience on your BigCommerce store with Shogun's comprehensive array of optimization tools.

Track page performance

See page analytics across specific date ranges. Once a customization, promotional offer, or store page has gone live—view metrics by session, device type, bounce rate, click-through, and top referral sources.

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Shogun's native analytics

Get optimization insights served up as you build

Shogun Insights reveals actionable improvements for your store pages in real time. Quickly scan pages to evaluate Core Web Vitals (including Google Lighthouse metrics), and instantly update content for performance, accessibility, SEO, or UX best practices pre-publish.

Page Performance Insights

Dev-friendly for precise control

Empower merchandisers with custom coded elements

Need something outside of our standard elements? Optionally code up your own Custom Elements to use—including variables—to empower non-technical team members.

Discover custom elements
Custom Elements

All the critical features you expect

Mobile Icon

Mobile responsive design

Modify page designs for different device screen sizes and breakpoints. Preview as you build.
Collections Icon

Shogun Sections for Shopify

Create custom content sections for deploying in your Shopify 2.0 Theme like any other native theme section.
Visual Editor Icon

Brand styles

Easily set and modify default styles and design elements for brand consistency across all Shogun-built pages.
Calendar Icon

Content scheduling

Automate the publish or expiry of promotional store content at designated times.
Magnifying Glass Icon

SEO controls

Easily change meta titles, descriptions, open graph meta tags, and image alternate text on every page.
AI Icon

AI Text

Select any text element, add a prompt, and get contextual copywriting for store headlines, hero banners, and product descriptions.

Integrates with your ecommerce stack

Star Icon

Showcase customer reviews

Drag and drop to display persuasive customer reviews directly on pages where they’ll make the biggest impact to conversions.
Email icon

Collect subscribers for remarketing

Send Shogun-acquired subscribers directly into Klaviyo customer lists. Use Shogun forms, then trigger your email sequences to brand fans.
Syncing Icon

Prompt repeat purchases

Help shoppers subscribe to your products directly on Shogun-built product pages. Add the Recharge widget to instantly boost customer lifetime value.

Scaling brands love Shogun

“BondiBoost isn’t a startup, but we move fast. Having a tool like Shogun in our stack helps us move quickly and experiment across our three markets, which is critical to the business.”
April Porter Headshot
“Shopify is really good at commerce, but when you start to do more interesting things…it helps to bring in other tools. When building custom pages we’d end up with really colorless pages for a very colorful brand… but with Shogun, we’ve been able to infuse that color without having to get our dev team involved.”
Dylan Kim Headshot
“I don’t have words to express how this app is helping to grow our business. This app is very helpful in creating [a] brand’s landing page, collection pages, etc.”
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“Their support team was extremely helpful and quick to respond when I was having trouble with a layout issue. They even provided a video guide, using the page I was working on, to show me what I needed to fix. Would definitely recommend!”
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"Very good customer support! Personalized help from a real human, just switched from Replo for a 1/4 of the price too.”
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“...Phenomenal app. Slight learning curve at the beginning, but after a couple hours you will have it down…One of the best, if not the best, no code page builders out there. Can do pretty much anything with it and it is simple to use. Highly recommend, 10/10!”
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"I love Shogun. I'm able to create custom pages, custom footers on existing product pages and integrate them all seamlessly into my Shopify page, without the need for coding…I have tried most of the Shopify page builder apps available and I've found this to be the most stable and user friendly. Definitely recommend.”
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