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One consolidated Frontend Platform eliminates the need to build a custom tech stack from scratch, juggle multiple vendors, complexity, and contracts. Finally, get the control you need to craft the exceptional shopping you’ve dreamed of.
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Included in the Shogun Frontend platform:

A packaged approach to headless flexibility

A Visual Site Experience Manager

An industry first, the visual experience manager is the core of the platform—empowering low code PWA frontend store creation.

An Unbound Presentation Layer/ Custom Frontend

Bring your store's creative vision to life - finally. With a new frontend layer to pair with your trusted backend, you gain total design control and flexibility.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Technology

Transform your site output to become entirely different to a traditional website. PWA tech helps you deliver exceptional site speed, for more conversions.

A Native Content Management System (CMS)

Designed intentionally for ecommerce, Shogun Frontend’s CMS is the central source of truth for your content, simplifying workflows and improving efficiency.

Pre-Built Integration Layers (API / Middleware)

The “glue” for connecting our frontend platform elements, the APIs and middleware ensure all of the layers of your frontend work as one.

Content Delivery Network

Faster response times with no round-trip delays get your store’s content to where it needs to appear quickly.

Backend Platform Integrations

Solid Shopify, BigCommerce, and more backend integrations simplify the transition to your new frontend layer.

Low-code creation tools for a more efficient business

No-Code Content Creation [BETA]

Create high performing site content without code using the functionality from Shogun Page Builder, now available for Shogun Frontend via a no-code beta feature.

Reusable, Codeless Content Sections

Collaborate on sections you need once, then reuse throughout your store. Empower non-technical team members to create differentiated experiences independently.

Store Preview

The first of its kind for headless PWA builds, view your codeless changes in real time before going live.

Full Store Sync

Instantly clone your storefront/entire frontend layer. Create quick iterations and fast sub-brand/ international implementations.

Third-Party Integrations Network

Continue scaling your store’s success with integrations we’ve built with the best-in-class ecommerce tech partners you know and love. See the integrations library.

White-glove implementation support and services

Dedicated Implementation Team

Your team gets a dedicated Integration Manager, Integrations Engineer, analytics support, and code audits. We’re serious about your success.

24/7 Platform & Tech Stack Monitoring

A high-performing platform eliminates the need to assemble or maintain your own complex infrastructure.

Pre-Built React.js Templates (Starter Kit)

Get all of the quick-start tools for faster time-to-value. We supply pre-built product boxes, collections, accounts, store search, and more.

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“One thing we could never have before Shogun Frontend is near-instant sub-second pageviews on subsequent page clicks, which is really important …Now, our pages per session have increased with subsequent pages being very fast-loading.”

Ben Kennedy

“With Shogun Frontend, you get a complete understanding of the build process from start to finish and have a team in your corner to help at every part of the process.”

Joe Tao
Former Head of Platform & Delivery, Daring

“Now that the site’s frontend is separate, we’ll be able to sync code and content from one store to multiple, global stores more efficiently as we expand internationally.”

Jessica Zhang
Digital Product Senior Manager, TULA Skincare

“After implementing Shogun Frontend, sales have shifted towards our higher-end razors, which confirms we’re now able to deliver high-converting, high-end user experiences…We're already seeing a year-over-year increase in average order value. No other changes we've made to our business have even come close to that kind of an impact in such a short period of time.”


“We can stack the sections in any order, in any way, on any page. That's pretty powerful…Other systems have tried to do it, but they haven't attached it to a flexible CMS, which Shogun Frontend does really well.”

Steve Worth
Director of Marketing, Stikwood