Ecommerce merchandising software for rapid growth

Get ecommerce merchandising tools to help your scaling brand create richer online experiences without the complexity and bloat of legacy solutions.

Building mock ecommerce site with Shogun

Powerful visual merchandising tools

The flexibility to arrange products in compelling ways—without high cost of ownership.

Design with precision

Shogun’s advanced visual editor enables merchandising teams to take back precise design control for on-brand, pixel-perfect designs.  Break free from rigid, modular design with smoother, fluid,  snap-to-grid design capabilities.

Digital asset control and management

Form the foundation of your brand standards, ensure global teams have access to shared libraries, and accelerate speed to market by saving and storing content in Shogun for continual reuse.
Using the Grid Element in Shogun's visual page editor

Create immersive, engaging content

Using Custom Elements you can extend Shogun’s native editor with custom code to build rich animations and interactions that showcase products in their best light.

AI-assisted merchandising

Prompt Shogun’s AI Designer to instantly  generate popular content blocks—including  hero banners, review sections, and more—in minutes. Eliminate  repetitive tasks for your web team, and develop content variants faster than ever.
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Using Liquid to create immersive, custom elements in Shogun

Showcase your product catalog at scale

Create, manage, and uphold brand design standards across a high-volume product catalog.

Unique product page displays

Create unique product page designs tailored per collection. Auto-deploy standard layouts (and global edits) across your catalog to create a cohesive shopping experience.

Global components for merchandising products

Manage product pages and popular store content at scale with  globally connected components or Global ‘Snippets’. Quickly make universal changes across every instance where a given element appears.
Creating new product page template

Dynamically fetch product information

Shogun connects  to both Shopify and BigCommerce platforms with efficient and robust integrations—ensuring real time data updates from your product catalog reflected on your live product pages.

Merchandise in unique ways with custom data collections

Merchandising teams love using Shogun Data Collections to create unique data sources that can be referenced to create product displays like competitor comparisons, unique product specifications charts and more.
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Fetching product information from Shopify via the 'Description' element in Shogun's visual page builder

Get insights to drive design decisions

Sales Conversion Analytics

Access analytics reports

Get performance reports for your content to see the business impact of your content natively within Shogun.
Enabling Segment Integration

Integrated with Segment

Shogun’s compatibility with Segment allows for data to be captured, standardized, and sent to your favorite analytics platform for reporting.
Page Performance Insights Panel within Shogun's visual editor

Speed and performance insights

Shogun Insights provides merchandising teams with recommendations to maximize page speed performance during the creation stage.

Digital merchandising tools for growing brands

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Powerful, visual editor

Edit store content with modern and fluid snap-to-grid design control.
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Design with custom code

Leverage Custom Elements to create rich animations and interactions.
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Extend with Integrations

Natively integrate with ReCharge, Yotpo, Loox, and more.
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Analytics reports

Report on the business impact of your content with access to content metrics.
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Product design at scale

Manage designs and layouts for a large, diverse product catalog.
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Advanced CMS functionality

Manage globally connected, popular content modules and data at scale.

Experience next-level digital merchandising

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