Build product detail pages that sell

Ecommerce product pages need to be custom to convert. With Shogun, craft richer product detail pages with a visual, no-code builder.

Creating a product detail page using drag and drop elements

Craft high-performing product detail pages

Struggling to get the design you want with classic ecommerce platforms? Shogun is a pro-grade solution for customizing.

Update dozens of product pages from one place

With so many products, you need consistency at scale. Tailor Shogun product page templates to auto-deploy across all—or select—collections. The template dynamically fetches product info and edits are universal.

Convert more with unique elements

Ensure shoppers see all the important details with Shogun’s drag-and-drop elements to customize your pages. Try the product description element, tabs and accordions, video element, and Add-to-Cart buttons. You can even code your own custom elements with variables.
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Creating new product page template in Shogun

Use AI for product page copywriting

Say goodbye to blank pages with Shogun’s AI Text feature. Select a text or header element, add a prompt, and voila! Compelling first-draft copy for your store’s headlines, hero banners, and product descriptions.

Prompt subscriptions for CLV

CPG brands—let customers subscribe to your products right on your Shogun-created product pages. Simply add the Recharge integration to product pages, collections, and beyond. It fetches the right subscription details for each SKU. Get ready to boost customer lifetime value.
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Prompting subscriptions for CLV

Your head-start on the best ecommerce product page design

From one-time promotions to product page layouts, browse a variety of pre-built templates ready to be customized with your brand's copy and images.
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Pet Food Landing Page TemplateTech Accessories Landing Page TemplateFood & Beverage landing page templateCoffee landing page templateJewelry landing page templateHome decor landing page template
Pet Food Landing Page TemplateTech Accessories Landing Page TemplateFood & Beverage landing page templateCoffee landing page templateJewelry landing page templateHome decor landing page template

Get product detail pages published faster

With Shogun, make changes to your Shopify product pages without needing to code or rely on developers.
Selecting a template in Shogun

Step 1: Select a template

Browse through Shogun’s template library and choose one that best fits your product page’s conversion goal or structure. Anyone on your team can DIY without code!
Dragging slider element from Shogun's elements panel within the visual editor

Step 2: Customize your page

After selecting a template (or importing an existing product page), use Shogun’s intuitive visual builder to customize. Add or edit text, high-quality images, colors, and other elements.
Scheduling a page for publish

Step 3: Publish!

Once satisfied with your customizations, and mobile view, hit the ‘Publish’ button to make your new product pages live.

2.9K+ 5-star reviews

“Shogun is the perfect app for us to build landing pages...I've been looking for an app that helps us build the landing pages exactly how we want them to look with an easy drag & drop system, without having to code anything, and Shogun works like a charm. ”
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“From the standpoint of a developed business with hundreds of pages and 3 stores, Shogun is great. We can build pages and tailor them to any device and sync pages across all of our stores. Before this I was hand coding front end stuff with CSS and HTML which is a grueling and cumbersome task in comparison. Support is fast and helpful, though we rarely need it…”
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“Really nice app for organising product and landing pages across different devices. Easy to space things out accordingly - we will definitely be using this going forward.”
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hnb cosmetics, SHOPIFY APP STORE

Discover our product detail page toolbox

Explore features making Shogun the top choice for brands looking to build the best ecommerce product pages.
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Product description element

Shogun’s product description element dynamically fetches product info from your Shopify or BigCommerce product catalog. When you make changes, they’ll reflect automatically wherever you’ve included this page element.
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SEO and mobile controls

Easily change meta titles, meta descriptions, open graph meta tags, and image alt text in page settings. Quickly modify your page layouts for mobile device screen sizes.
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Image optimization settings

Optimize your product page’s load times by adjusting image resolutions directly in Shogun. After uploading images, toggle between various sizes to balance quality and site speed.
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Customer reviews integrations

Showcase your Yotpo, Loox, or customer reviews easily on your product pages with our integrations.

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