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Shogun’s AI tools include AI Text for site-wide content generation, an AI section builder, and instant SEO meta tag creation.

Building mock ecommerce site with Shogun elements

Shopify AI web tools all in one place

A supercharged Shopify AI store builder

With easy drag-and-drop, there’s no learning curve (or code!) needed. You can create impressive pages in seconds using Shogun’s AI website builder.

Simply provide the prompts, and watch as AI builds entire webpage sections for you [coming soon].

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Generating a page section using AI in Shogun

Instantly generate unique custom code for your site with AI

Harness AI to generate custom-coded content elements fast. With your prompts, guide AI’s creation of Liquid/HTML, CSS, and JS code for store elements, with just minor tweaks from you pre-publish!

Create unique page elements like sitewide scrolling banners, shoppable product image overlays, or custom contact forms.

Available on our Advanced plan.

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Using Liquid to create immersive, custom elements in Shogun

Let our AI generate custom code for your store

AI Text: Your new Shopify copywriter

Create more compelling Shopify product pages

With AI Text, you can instantly generate relevant, optimized copy for your product pages. Spend less time writing and more time selling.

Create landing pages that convert

Shogun’s AI Text applies to any text element on your page. Craft  headlines or body copy for your store’s promotional landing pages that will help you convert more shoppers into customers.
Generating a product description using AI directly in Shogun

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Access Shogun AI risk free

You can get started with the Shogun Shopify AI tools today.  Every Shogun trial gets access to our template library and our powerful AI–even on the free plan. Have our AI assist with one page for your site–completely free.

Human-powered customer support

An AI-assist is great for your site  content. For when you need to talk to a real person— we’ve got you.  Over 2900+ Shopify merchants have rated our app 5 stars thanks to the outstanding customer service we provide. We’re here to help you with in-house product experts as you get your Shopify store up and running.
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Shopify AI tools for merchants of all sizes

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AI powered Shopify SEO

Our AI SEO feature  writes meta titles and meta descriptions for your pages matching the content on your page. In a few clicks get your Shopify SEO set.
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AI Designer for sections

Provide prompts on what you want to build, and let our AI Designer translate this into a usable block automatically.
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Shopify AI content generation

Get Shopify product descriptions, headlines, and any other page text your site needs effortlessly with our ecommerce AI copywriter: AI Text.
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Global design control

Easily control the font and color scheme of every page you create in Shogun with Brand Styles.
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Reusable AI-generated web sections

Easily capture a block created by AI and reuse it in multiple places. Generate once, and reuse it forever with Global Snippets.
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Shopify template library

Pre-made templates for all types of Shopify stores make getting started fast. No matter your industry, we’ve got you covered.

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