How Beardbrand Increased its Conversion Rate by 40.1% (So Far)

  • 27%

    increase in advertised value

  • 19%

    increase in average order value

  • 40.1%

    increase in conversion rate

How Beardbrand Increased its Conversion Rate by 40.1% (So Far)


Founded in 2012, Beardbrand is a leading provider of high-quality, natural beard and body care products. The company strives to change the way society views beardsmen — and make men awesome.


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The Problem

By now, we all know that 2020 is a year like no other. And the holiday shopping season is no exception.

Beardbrand, known for going against the grain and not offering discounts on its products per its Beardbrand Discount Policy, is getting creative in Q4 2020.

In a weird year where nothing is off the table, Beardbrand is experimenting with bundling as a way to offer more value to customers while staying true to its no-discount ethos. As such, the company launched its biggest experiment to date: The Ultimate Grooming Bundle.

As the name implies, this $252 bundle combines 11 grooming products on the market (priced individually at $336, total) and offers a 25% bundle savings to reward customers for purchasing in bulk. Additionally, with the bundle purchase, Beardbrand is including a lifetime membership to the Beardbrand Alliance, its private online community, valued at $90.

Adding a digital asset to the bundle allowed Beardbrand to increase its advertised value by almost 27%, from $336 to $426, with little to no additional variable cost. This made the bundle’s $252 price tag even more attractive to customers.

But, this kind of unorthodox promotion required an unorthodox approach.

The Solution

Because this offer includes 11 unique products and nine SKUs, a traditional product display page would feel awkward. And likely result in lower conversions.

That’s why the company created a beautiful long-form landing page using Shogun Page Builder.

Taking full advantage of Shogun’s Product Box feature, the page displays all nine SKUs while retaining the key features — pricing, description, reviews, images — of a traditional product page.

beardbrand using shogun to feature its products on this page

“I wanted to emulate the feeling of shopping in a brick-and-mortar beauty store,” said James Wilson, Beardbrand’s growth marketing manager.

“In-store, you shop by section, by brand or by fragrance, not by individual product. Shogun allowed us to do that quickly and in-house.”

The Ultimate Grooming Bundle offer is presented at the top of the landing page, inviting customers to browse the page for individual products — or purchase them all at the click of a button.

Creating bundles on Shopify is a challenge. With multiple variant options, tracking logistics and inventory, there are many logistical challenges before you can show your customers what you’re selling.

For the Ultimate Grooming Bundle, however, Beardbrand developed a way to bypass these challenges using Shogun Page Builder and two lesser known Shopify features.

The Components

The first thing the team did was create a Shopify permalink containing all nine variants that are included in the bundle, and made a Shopify redirect pointing to the permalink. This created a URL that added all nine products to the shopping cart with a single click and took the customer directly to checkout.

Then, they created a Shopify automatic discount for 25% savings that triggers only when all nine items in the bundle are added to the cart. Finally, Beardbrand used Shogun’s HTML Element to create a button, which activates the Shopify permalink on-click.

beardbrand ultimate grooming bundle page with add-to-cart button

The team also built a Section to explain the offer.

The Results

The result is an easily modifiable bundle with a discount that’s automatically applied on the page that takes the customer directly to checkout. And, it requires no additional logistical planning with warehousing or fulfillment teams.

Since launching this landing page — and similar landing pages for the company’s different products — Beardbrand has observed a 19% increase in average order value for customers who visit these pages versus customers who do not.

With the new Ultimate Grooming Bundle, the company’s hope is to push this number higher. And early results are encouraging; bundle sales have already exceeded four figures.

James Wilson, Growth Marketing Manager, Beardbrand

“In-store, you shop by section, by brand or by fragrance, not by individual product. Shogun allowed us to do that quickly and in-house.”
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