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Femme Luxe UK Saw Improved Product Pages — and a Boost on Google

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Since hitting the scene four years ago, Femme Luxe has cemented itself as a forward-thinking, influencer-inspired fashion brand. The company aims to deliver trending fashion pieces sparked by Instagram, blogger and celebrity fashion. Shoppers can peruse tops, dresses and accessories and snag the latest styles — all at student-friendly prices. The retailer uses Shogun for its UK website, Femme Luxe UK.




Manchester, UK
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The Problem

We were having issues linking products directly to our blogs, making them look messy, disjointed and full of random links. The default, built-in blog system was very clunky and hard for us to use. We also wanted to directly showcase products along with images, price and an “add to cart” function, as opposed to a simple link with no visual element. Our product is fashion, so images are essential — we needed to display our inventory in a polished, visually-appealing way.

The Solution

We chose Shogun based on the availability of extra functions and widgets. We loved the drag-and-drop features and thought the visual editor was simple to use and allowed for far more creativity than our original blog editor.

“We found the transition to Shogun to be a breeze.”

The software provided a far easier way for us to create blogs. Plus, after experiencing limited features beforehand, we now had access to a lot more functionality.

The Components

Easy-to-build blog pages

The drag-and-drop features have reduced how much time we spend producing blogs. And through the overall improvement in the display and appearance of our site, we’ve increased both conversion rate and the length of time customers spend on the page. Customers enjoy reading our blogs. They’re happily clicking through pages of content and on to featured products, especially since they can see them now and add items to their carts immediately.

The Femme Luxe blog hosting hundreds of blogs based on drag and drop pages built with Shogun

A focus on support & metadata control

As we continue to navigate the tool and questions come up, the customer support team has been excellent. They’re there for us with prompt replies and helpful answers. We’ve also seen an increase in our position on Google, which I believe is partially due to the improvements we’ve made to the site using Shogun.

The Results

We saw great results with Shogun. We produce about two blogs a day, every day of the week. These posts used to take two to three hours, and we’re now saving about one hour of development time per blog. As a result, we’ve generated extra revenue — about £10, or roughly $13 U.S., a post.

Our conversion rate has also improved. We’ve seen a 5% increase, which we attribute to enhancing the visuals on our site, thanks to the tool. We saw rapid growth in the last six months due to the expansion of our team, TV advertising and improvements in our content strategy — including the use of Shogun. Shogun is an extremely valuable tool for retail companies. It’s helped us save time, enhance our visuals and make edits easily.

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