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How The Ridge Increased Revenue by $2.5M

Increase in conversion
Increase in clickthrough rate
Increase in revenue
The Ridge Wallet


The Ridge Wallet was launched by the father and son team of Daniel and Paul Kane on Kickstarter in 2013. The Ridge Wallet now sits in the pockets of more than a half-million men and women worldwide. The close-knit team at The Ridge continues to carry on the mission of creating quality, functional products that are tools for better living. At The Ridge, they prefer to do more with less. It's not just a remark on resourcefulness; it's a call to maximize your life by minimizing what you bring along.




Santa Monica, CA
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The Problem

The Ridge spends a lot of time thinking about the customer journey and optimizing its funnel. Rapid experimentation is key, but before Shogun, creating and running tests were difficult and time-consuming. It’s extremely important for us to be able to offer relevant content and experiences to users depending on where they are in the customer journey.

We were looking for a tool that would allow us to build these pages quickly and we also needed a tool flexible enough to enable multiple team members to build pages for different use cases like blogs and landing pages.

The Solution

The ease of use was a big motivator to start using Shogun. Since we’re always testing new things, the A/B testing functionality plus the ability to quickly build, duplicate and test new pages with Shogun is huge for us. We also found major value in the pricing model.

The Results

What we realized was that some people coming to the site needed a dedicated experience that explicitly explained the features of The Ridge Wallet. On our homepage we added a third banner and call to action for people to see how the wallet works. Once the customer clicks on that call to action, they are directed to the second page in the funnel, which educates the customer on the product before pushing them to a product page. That change in the CTA on the third banner resulted in a 20x increase in click-through rate. This small funnel increase our conversions rates for our top of funnel traffic by 15%.

Ridge Wallets Funnel Step 1
Funnel Step 1
Ridge Wallets See it in Action
Funnel Step 2

Being able to test and identify the people that needed extra information, and building out the supplementary pages that provide it, has likely led to an additional $2.5M in revenue. What made this a success was us understanding exactly where someone was in the customer journey and their expectations and understanding.

The information we provide needs to match up with those expectations, and these pages did a great job at mapping to that. Driving traffic to “The Switch” page has had by far the biggest impact on our conversion rates. We’re currently running an additional four to five tests and continuing to tailor content to specific audiences to see where we can drive more impact. We’ve also rebuilt our entire blog using Shogun, which has allowed us to create more robust content and given us a lot more options on how we can treat our content pages.

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