Big Wins with Leesa Mattress and Shogun Page Builder

Leesa saved over $250,000, six months of development time and increased conversion rates by 30% using Shogun.

Leesa Mattress

Leesa is an innovative, fast-growing ecommerce mattress brand that is challenging the traditional players in the industry with premium mattress designs, superior customer service and social impact in communities all around the world. Its mission is simple: Help people sleep better.

As a proud certified B-Corporation, we at Leesa measure our success as much by looking at our impact on the world as we do by our revenue and profit.

Our Social Impact program has three separate initiatives: We donate mattresses, we plant trees and we support our local communities. It’s a deep-rooted program that is the heart and soul of our company.

Since 2014, Leesa has donated over 30,000 mattresses to serve homeless and at-risk men, women and children at every stage of their transition to better lives.

“Our mission is simple, to help people sleep better.”

Key Metrics

  • $250,000 in savings
  • 6 months of dev time saved
  • +30% increase in conversion rate
Founded in 2014

Founded in 2014

Shopify Plus Customer

Shopify Plus Customer

4 Years on Shopify

4 years on Shopify

From Virginia Beach, VA

From Virginia Beach, VA

Home Goods Industry

Home Goods Industry

The Problem

We think about how we can improve the performance of our most important asset, our website, every day.

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in customer acquisition every year, so we want to make sure we are maximizing the effectiveness of those campaigns.

We were looking for a completely new way to engage the nearly 350K visitors that come to the site looking for a new mattress every month.

Rising customer acquisition costs meant we needed to maximize every dollar we spend on marketing.

Requiring a development resource for every change to content slowed down all operations — from development of new features to launching timely and relevant marketing campaigns.

We knew we needed a better way, but we didn’t want to sacrifice performance along the way.

Performance is really important — that’s something we tested when making a decision.

Sixty-five percent of our users start on mobile, so performance and site speed is everything.

Our dev team spent a tremendous amount of resources looking at all the alternatives.

We were almost going to go down the road of using WordPress for our CMS. The reason we decided to not go that route was the complexity of managing a WordPress environment.

That move made no sense once we found Shogun.

The Problem
“We were almost going to go down the road of using WordPress.”

We knew we needed a better way, but we didn’t want to sacrifice performance along the way.

The Solution

The motivation to switch to Shogun was a move toward greater operational efficiency.

Shogun has empowered our marketing team to self-manage content within our design framework. That shift has freed up our development team to work on releasing more features.

We finally have the time to take on technical debt and catch up on all the sprints that were constantly derailed due to content changes.

Shogun has completely changed the way we operate.

“Shogun has completely changed the way we operate.”



Pages Created
in Shogun


Monthly Visitors
to Shogun Pages


Hours Saved

Leesa has used custom elements extensively to build out its front end.

“The Social Proof Bar”
Used 11 Times on

We wanted to leverage social proof on all product pages to increase conversions.  We found the perfect solution by creating a custom element called “Social Proof Bar”

The social proof bar was created just once by our development team and reused over and over again on all the other product pages.  

Reusing custom elements empowered our marketing team to create beautiful content without involving the development team.

Shogun’s Syncing Makes
Internationalization Easy

Retailers with large product collections know how important it is to be able to import their product data during an expansion to a new region.

The syncing feature has been huge when we roll out a store in a new region.

We've been able to cut down the development time to launch a new region from six to seven months to two weeks.

The syncing feature alone is a game-changer for us. We've saved an incredible amount of time and resources using syncing to roll out to new regions.

Syncing Feature
“The syncing feature
alone is a game-changer.”
Lessa Mattress Before
Before Shogun (2015)
Lessa Mattress After
After Shogun (2019)

We've created visually stunning pages with Shogun that drive engagement and conversions.  

The Results

The results have been nothing short of transformative for our business. We’ve completely changed our workflow and created massive value.

Shogun has allowed us to be proactive with our promotions, which drove a big increase in conversions.

The site merchandising and marketing team was able to plan a recent holiday promotion and make quick iterations using Shogun.  

This led to a 30% increase in conversion rate and a 20% increase in average order value after implementing Shogun.

On top of increasing revenue, Shogun has made our development team 90% more efficient, which has saved us approximately $250,000 per year in development costs alone.

The Results

Key Metrics

  • +30% increase in conversion rate
  • +20% increase in avg. order value

A Focus on Support

Products are only as good as the team that supports it — and customer support was the deciding factor for us to fully embrace Shogun.

The support experience has been outstanding. As we went through implementation, Shogun was with us every step of the way.

Our developers are super happy to work with the Shogun team and are excited to roll things out globally. We see real long-term benefits with our partnership with Shogun — it's been a real asset to our company.

Support SpecialistSupport Specialist
“The support experience has been outstanding."
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