Nomad sees a 25% Increase in Ecommerce Conversion Rate and Revenue Per Session

Nomad improved its site performance and user experience in just two weeks after integrating all-in-one Frontend Platform: Shogun Frontend.

  • +25%

    increase in ecommerce conversion rate

  • +15.6%

    decrease in bounce rate

  • +25%

    increase in revenue per session

About Nomad

Nomad is a consumer electronics and lifestyle products company. Noah Dentzel and Brian Hahn founded Nomad in 2012 and launched its first product — ChargeCard, a slim, portable charging device that could fit in a wallet — on Kickstarter that same year. Since smashing its fundraising goals and gaining nationwide attention, the company has continued to grow and expand its product line.


Consumer electronics


Santa Barbara, CA

The Challenge

Like many ecommerce brands, site speed was a major concern for Nomad.

Shoppers have come to expect a sub-second page load time. And there’s only so much you can do about it on a typical ecommerce platform, especially with the presence of third-party apps.

Nomad explored different options to improve site efficiency and functionality. But, ultimately, nothing really moved the needle.

Then, the team discovered progressive web apps (PWAs) and learned more about headless commerce. These newer technologies can boost page speed and load times, improving store performance and creating better customer experiences.

“Choosing an all-in-one frontend platform really allowed us to imagine the next true evolution of our storefront and, what we believe to be, the future of ecommerce.” — Reese Hammerstrom, former Director of Ecommerce at Nomad

Nomad started evaluating different vendors that offered headless commerce solutions. And then, having already been a satisfied Shogun Page Builder user for two and a half years, the team learned about all-in-one frontend platform Shogun Frontend.

Shogun Frontend offers instant page load between pages via progressive web app (PWA) tech, an intuitive experience manager, a robust content management system (CMS) and a visual integrated development environment (IDE), enabling marketing teams to build pages quickly.

“When we saw the vision Shogun had for Frontend, we knew it was the only logical option for us,” says Hammerstrom.

The Solution

Nomad integrated Shogun Frontend with its existing Shopify platform.

Before, due to how the site was designed in Shopify, some form of ad hoc development was required for the company to launch products and initiatives at a fast pace. For example, Nomad used to work with an agency to develop a custom feature that would link two Shopify collections together. However, managing collections with this feature was inefficient and cumbersome due to restrictions working within the platform.

Now, the ecommerce/web team is able to manage complex pages — without writing a single line of code.

With Shogun Frontend, the team can build pages faster with better merchandising control over its growing catalog. At present, Nomad has five core categories with dozens of collections. Customers can go from product page to product page in an instant, discovering tons of new items.

A product page example powered by Shogun Frontend Experience Manager

This enhanced control coupled with Shogun Frontend’s reusable codeless sections gives Nomad greater marketing opportunities with quicker page builds and custom landing pages. It also allows the company to empower non-technical team members to make site updates without relying completely on developer help.

Additionally, the marketing team can cook up a campaign, build a custom collection and begin driving traffic to it the next day—a 24-hour turnaround. These types of initiatives used to take multiple days before Shogun Frontend.

The Results

Nomad launched on Shogun Frontend in fall 2020. Year-over-year, reporting on the same time period, the conversion rate for the site (total visits to purchase) went up a staggering 50%.

But, with COVID-19, we know ecommerce numbers are up YoY across the board. So what does the data look like over the span of just a few weeks in the same calendar year?

From Nov. 3-16, 2020, compared to the previous 14-day period, conversion rate, revenue per session and bounce rate improved significantly.

Elevar implemented the analytics on Nomad’s new site and compiled the metrics below:

Another important consideration when moving to Shogun Frontend was keeping branding intact.

Brand is everything for Nomad. The team strives for pixel-perfect design in everything they create, from its online store to its products.

With Shogun Frontend, there was no change to the look of the storefront; just an increase in site speed and conversions.

The biggest change has just been the ability to do everything much faster,” says Hammerstrom. “We’re able to comfortably shift things around in a much more streamlined way.”