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10 Top Ranked Shopify Apps with AMAZING Reviews


10 Top Ranked Shopify Apps with AMAZING Reviews Nov 28, 2016

Looking for the next Shopify App to take your store store to the next level? The Shopify App Store now boast more than 1,000 Apps with more and more developers joining Shopify's partner program every day. With so many...

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4 Reasons Agencies Need A CMS For Client Projects


If you’re an agency working on a web development project, it’s a good idea to have some kind of a Content Management System (CMS) integrated into your client’s website. A good CMS will help reduce costs and time on your end, and ultimately provide a better experience to your client.


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9 Features of a Great eCommerce Homepage


As a cofounder of the Shogun Drag & Drop Page Builder for Shopify stores, I have fielded over 1,000 page design and development questions from our users. Recently, I decided to put this knowledge to good use, and started a thread on the Shopify Forums to offer free advice to...

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A drag and drop webpage builder without customization limits?


When we built Shogun's drag and drop webpage builder, we wanted it to work for any website. This meant that we needed to offer our users limitless possibilities in terms of page design and function, so we included a Custom Template creation feature.

If you know how to code, or...

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Mobile Responsive Page Building with Shogun.


It's a mobile world, and mobile responsive design is a priority for any modern website. When we designed the drag and drop page building editor for Shogun, we kept mobile design top of mind. With a toggle feature to preview webpages on Mobile, and the ability to create separate experiences...

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Feature Update: Shopify Blog Page Editing with Shogun


A few months ago, we asked our Shopify users about what new features they wanted; and custom Shopify Blog Page editing was one of the top requests. Now, you can build and edit completely custom Shopify blog pages in Shogun using our drag and drop webpage builder.

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Shogun Feature Update: Tabs and Accordions


As Shogun's drag and drop page builder has grown, we've asked for client feedback to get at the new features that you want the most. During the past few months, we've prioritized your feature requests, and are starting to roll them out. As of last week, we are happy to...

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4 Tips for Working with a Web Development Agency


If you’re looking to hire a web development agency to help you build your website or online store, finding a firm that is both high quality and reasonably priced can be challenging.

While the only guaranteed way to know an agency’s worth is to actually work with them, there are...

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Shogun's Drag and drop page builder for Shopify


There are a lot of great things about Shopify, but page creation and editing usually requires the help of a Shopify expert, designer, or developer. Not ideal for merchants on a budget.

Shogun’s Shopify App allows users to build beautiful custom pages with a simple and powerful drag & drop...

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5 Mistakes that kill SEO for eCommerce websites

Sep 17, 2015

Optimizing e-Commerce websites for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is much harder than it is for other websites. Numerous product pages can actually do more harm than good when it comes to SEO. In this blog, we will review 5 mistakes that kill SEO for eCommerce websites.

1. Incomplete Product Descriptions


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The 5 key sections for your startup landing page

Aug 28, 2015

If you’re a startup, there is probably one initiative that is always a priority: growth. Whether it’s getting your app out there, demo-ing your new B2B software, finding more consumers to purchase your product, or having more users sign up for your service, you need lots of traction.

One of...

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3 Ways to Personalize your Website and Grow a More Engaged list of subscribers


In 2016 it became clear that email marketing has seen a second coming - thanks to marketers acknowledging the power of one-to-one marketing.

It makes sense that marketers see better results when they tailor communications to individual subscribers, instead of just mass sending content and hoping for engagement. So wouldn’t...

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Page Design Techniques that Convert


Page Design Techniques that Convert Mar 20, 2017

By Tory Darling, Codal Inc.

The latest trends for web page designs change every year. Resulting in it often being difficult and out of budget to continually redesign a website to stay up to date with these trends. Thus, it is critical...

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