Unlock the full potential of your PPC campaigns

Convert more with your ecommerce PPC ads and boost ROAS with tailored store landing pages per promotion—all with a professional visual editor.

Mock ecommerce paid ad and corresponding landing page

Pair persuasive pages with ecommerce PPC ads

Today, PPC ads alone aren't a strategy (that playbook’s outdated).
With pricy ad traffic, you need optimized store landing pages.

Boost advertising ROI with a visual builder

Create high-converting ecommerce landing pages to perfectly match your store’s PPC campaigns and the specific offers in your ads.

Using our intuitive visual builder, customizable templates—and even copy generated with AI Text— you have the ultimate solution for crafting tailored promotions more likely to convert.

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Elements panel from Shogun's Visual Builder

Convert paid traffic with 1:1 message match

When visitors click paid ads, they need to see the same ad copy and images that enticed them on a landing page. Providing this relevant, seamless experience also improves Landing Page Experience Scores (a factor in Quality Score).

Now, design pages with exact match to ads with page elements not natively available in Shopify or BigCommerce.

Ecommerce website and ecommerce ad with matching messaging

Streamline your Shopify PPC efforts

Effortlessly create PPC landing pages by accessing your Shopify product catalog in just a few clicks. By easily duplicating your highest-performing store pages for fast tweaks, you can rapidly accelerate A/B testing of your ads and experimentation; boosting revenue, and return on ad spend.

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Accessing your Shopify product catalog in Shogun

Track and improve paid campaign performance

Learn more about what’s working about your ecommerce PPC ad and landing page combos.

With Page Analytics in Shogun, see the performance of your published pages by device type. View sessions, bounce rate, click-through destinations, and top source referrers to gain insights for a given date range an ad campaign was live for.

Total sales reporting UI

Elevate your ecommerce PPC strategy

Take your paid strategy into the next phase with the ability to sync content between multiple stores. Content Syncing allows easy content cloning between stores, saving time for paid campaigns you run for URLs connected to different geographic locales or regions.
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Example of ecommerce brand with stores in multiple international locations

What our customers say

“Whether customers arrive from a Google search, an ad, or elsewhere, we want their site interactions to be unified and consistent. The level of control Shogun gives us over these experiences helps facilitate this consistency. ”
April Porter Headshot
“Most of [our] visitors are being sent to Shogun pages post-ad click because we want to tell a very focused brand story. On these conversion-focused campaigns, our ROAS is about 275%.”
Josh Bell Headshot
“Shogun is an essential page builder solution for us now. Its intuitive building has reduced the amount of time it takes us to create a page or replicate an existing one. Plus, Shogun’s support team is fantastic to work with; they respond promptly and offer comprehensive support.”
 Madeleine Thistleton

Brands seeing ecommerce PPC strategy wins with Shogun

These DTC brands have scaled content creation aligned to PPC best practices.

Discover Shogun’s ultimate PPC toolbox

Explore features making Shogun the top choice for ecommerce growth managers boosting PPC performance.
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Highlight details with unique page building elements

Customize PPC landing pages with brand assets related to promotions and ad creative, to a degree you simply can’t with native Shopify or BigCommerce.
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Create custom, reusable PPC page templates

Built a layout you love? Clone any page you’ve built to create your very own, reusable template for next time! Put your best PPC landing page layouts on repeat.
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Push new leads into your store’s email marketing flows

Using the Advanced Form element and Klaviyo integration, you can push new store contacts or subscribers directly into your contact records, and subsequent email nurture campaigns.
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Adjust pages for SEO and mobile responsiveness

Easily change meta titles, descriptions, open graph tags, and image alt text. Reduce image sizes in-builder for fast load time, and modify pages for mobile screen sizes.

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