Createur Makes Waves for Sunny Life Using Shogun Page Builder

Createur has saved over $60,000 in development costs and increased time on site by 25%  using Shogun

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Createur is an agency based in Sydney, Australia, that helps brands execute their mission through exceptional web and mobile experiences.

Createur specializes in complex enterprise solutions built on the Shopify Plus platform, so we needed a design tool robust enough to support our high-end client base.

Many of our clients have had a ton of success without having much of a strategy or framework around growing their store.  The great product is what drove their growth forward — they may not have even started with the basics, so there is a lot of work to do when they come to us.

“We take brands and add much needed structure around their success.”

Key Metrics

  • $60,000 in savings
  • 30% boost in development productivity
  • +25% increase in "time on site"
Founded in 2014

Founded in 2011

Shopify Plus Customer

Mobile Focus

4 Years on Shopify

7 years on Shopify

From Virginia Beach, VA

Located in Sydney, Australia

The Problem

Createur needed a way to rapidly deploy solutions for its Shopify Plus clients without putting an extra strain on the development team.

Some of the retailers we work with have grown so rapidly, their content teams have trouble keeping up. They’re often the first to admit they need help understanding how their content strategy requires some level of quantifiable conversion analytics.

Our storytelling pages used to be fully custom-designed, which took a ton of time and limited what we could do. Any changes required development time.

We had to grow quickly to adapt to the content work demanded of our team and it didn’t make sense to allocate expensive and skilled developers to make these changes on the fly — often at short notice. We needed a solution that was almost entirely self-serve.

One of Createur’s core value offerings is conversion strategy, driving more value for qualified visitors. The more tests you want to run, the more of a developer’s time you’ll take in running it.

As an agency, it can be tricky to balance costs and benefits.

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“Our storytelling pages used to be fully custom, which took a ton of time and limited what we could do.”

We needed a solution that was almost entirely self-serve.

The Solution

Shogun enabled the Createur team to rapidly test and iterate on landing and product page designs without straining development resources.

Shogun helped us deliver more value to the client quicker than we could before.

Shogun allows us to move the content workload on to other team members, which makes us a lot more attractive to developers we want to hire.  It’s enabling them to do more creative, fulfilling work.

Shogun Custom Elements played a huge role in saving our team time.  

Once our developers make a custom element once, we get to reuse it again and again throughout the project.

“Shogun helped us deliver more value to clients quicker than we could before."



Pages Created
in Shogun


Average Number of Edits per Page Created


Hours Saved

Page Creation Spotlight

Createur created compelling pages with Shogun that drove engagement for its clients.

We’ve used Shogun to transform boring pages like terms of service pages and sizing guides into something that keeps customers engaged and on-page for more time.

"We've transformed boring pages into something that keeps the customers engaged on page for more time."

Lessa Mattress Before
The Sunny Life Guide
Lessa Mattress After
How to Care for Your Float

The Results

The results have been transformational for Createur after adopting Shogun Page Builder.

Shogun easily made our development team 20-30% more productive — this saved us at least $60,000 in development costs since we’ve started using Shogun for our clients’ projects.

In addition to the time savings, pages reimagined using Shogun are driving tangible results for clients — transforming dead pages into a tool to energize customers.

The ability to easily create engaging informational pages has helped us increase time on site for Sunny Life by 25% on those pages.

The Results

Key Metrics

  • +$60,000 saved in development costs
  • +25% time on page increase

A Focus on Support

Createur hasn’t needed to reach out to support too much, but when they have it’s been eye-opening.

We haven’t needed to reach out to support much, which I think is a testament to how well Shogun performs out of the box.

The few times we have needed to reach out to support, the speed and detail has been incredible.

You get to talk to people that know what they are doing and are committed to serving customers.

Support SpecialistSupport Specialist
“The few times we have needed to reach out to support, the speed and detail has been incredible."
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