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Lyre’s Increases US Landing Page Conversion Rate by 15% With Shogun

Pages built across 8 global sites
Hours saved on external development resources
Increase in cumulative US landing page conversion rate
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Lyre's Spirit Co. is the world's first premium, non-alcoholic spirit brand enjoyed in 60+ countries. From aperitifs and absinthe to gin and bourbon, Lyre’s has an alcohol-free beverage for every taste and occasion.


Food and Beverage


Leichhardt, New South Wales
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In just three years, Lyre’s has skyrocketed among the sober and sober curious alike.

With more consumers switching to booze-free drinks, the brand set out to make shopping more accessible and engaging online.

Their goal was to transform their BigCommerce store into an experience that inspires customers’ next cocktail creations using persuasive, high-converting content.

This meant Lyre’s needed to:

  • Efficiently scale custom BigCommerce site content to fit several global locales
  • Improve product and site discoverability for prospective bars, restaurants, and wholesalers
  • Ship site-wide updates fast with less dependence on third-party services or custom code

Being a BigCommerce merchant offered powerful ecommerce capabilities, but the Lyre’s team found that customizing themes still required code, and this was time-consuming.

Angie McAlindon, VP of Global Ecommerce at Lyre’s, knew a page builder solution that integrated with BigCommerce would help the team to optimize the site anytime, design new landing pages in minutes, and ensure brand consistency across global site instances—without reliance on developers.

Tailored, global BigCommerce site content simplified

To achieve BigCommerce content creation at scale across eight international locales, Lyre’s chose Shogun—specifically the Advanced plan for its content syncing capability.

Now, with Shogun, Angie and her team can better collaborate with international stakeholders.

Shogun’s visual editor is drag-and-drop, so the team can quickly move page elements around to create their desired design.

Then, they can save their favorite page layouts into custom page templates and reuse for even faster content creation.

What’s more, the Lyre’s team uses Global Snippets to ensure consistency across all eight sites. Global Snippets helps you capture any preferred styling in a block of content—like a social proof section—for reuse across several pages.

This makes reusing blocks you’re happy with faster and more consistent from store to store.

For example, Angie and her team can build a page for the Australian market, then duplicate or sync that page quickly for the UK team to use.

From there, the UK team can swap out images, products, Global Snippets, etc., to tailor the page or campaign to that market.

Citing this in-action, Lyre’s uses a section of their synced multi-store homepage to tailor content to what’s most popular.

After syncing the homepage’s content to the AUS locale, this section of the homepage is then tailored with a Global Snippet to what’s popular in the UK and AUS markets. For the UK, it’s Spritz. For Australia, it’s Gin.

Before using Shogun, a locale-based change like this might take several weeks and rounds of revisions with the code required, but Shogun has changed the game:

“Shogun mitigates the often lengthy process of changing page design. There’s no more waiting two weeks to change something, like an image, or checking on a service level agreement to get something done.” — Angie McAlindon, VP of Ecommerce (Global), Lyre’s Spirit Co.

Thanks to Shogun, The Lyre’s team is now building and launching ecommerce experiences that inspire conversions fast without total reliance on third-party developer teams.

Take the Mixology Hub, for example.

Lyre's Mixology Hub

Lyre’s Digital Product Designer, Gynelle, built the template for the experience (one landing page and one product page) in roughly one day using Snippets with saved, preferred styling in Shogun.

“Building the subsequent pages and filling in the content after takes about 15 minutes or less, depending on whether I have to crop images. With Shogun, it’s so quick to get pages up and running on the site.” — Gynelle Juan, Digital Product Design

With a builder for customizing BigCommerce fast, Lyre’s can meet shoppers where they are on the buyer journey with product education and discoverability tools.

For example, instead of linking out to YouTube to supply video content, the team can embed video directly on product detail pages to persuade and prompt conversions.

Embedded video on Lyre's ecommerce site.
“Because all our videos are hosted on YouTube, our videos caused people to go off the site, and we’d lose them,” says Angie. “But with Shogun’s integrations, we can natively embed videos throughout the site and keep shoppers within our ecosystem.”

And beyond product detail pages, the US store locator page has quickly become one of the highest-trafficked pages across the brand’s site.

The store locator page on Lyre's ecommerce site.

Being able to create helpful site content like this—without code and with the ability to change SEO settings—has ultimately boosted Lyre’s discoverability among different kinds of customers.

Scaling engaging, educational BigCommerce content on their terms

With Shogun, Lyre’s has gained total control over how they design custom BigCommerce site content. Where they used to need to custom-code any site change, now they can build educational content unique to international customers’ tastes fast and efficiently.

Angie and her team can now experiment with page layouts faster thanks to drag-and-drop visual building. And non-technical team members can manage and tailor content for international locales in a snap:

“For us, we needed something plug and play. We didn’t want to rely on third parties to custom code our site to our linking. Our entire team can hop in and make updates as needed.” — Angie McAlindon, VP of Ecommerce (Global), Lyre’s Spirit Co.

Collectively, between their eight global sites, they’ve published nearly 700 pages in Shogun and saved 100+ hours in build time—from highly-trafficked pages like their Store Locator pages to their engaging Recipes page.

Lyre's recipe page

“We love being able to sync content across multiple country sites,” says Angie. “In just two minutes, the content we need to sync is done. It makes life so much easier for us.”

From overall design to speed-to-market, things have transformed for Lyre’s significantly:

“Before Shogun, our site experience and what it looked like was questionable,” says Angie. “Being able to build a landing page and explain the who, what, when, where, and why without lengthy workflows is exactly what we needed. We can have many product pages or landing pages for anything we need quite quickly.”

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