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How BlueSwitch Helped Tobii Dynavox Launch Internationally

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BlueSwitch is an agency specializing in software development, ecommerce, digital and social media marketing. Its expert team of developers, designers, project managers and marketing extraordinaires will take your business to another level of success. Tobii Dynavox is a client.


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The Problem

Tobii Dynavox is the world leader in assistive technology for communication. The company builds software and hardware to help people with cognitive and physical limitations live richer and more independent lives.

When Tobii Dynavox came to BlueSwitch, the company had a number of common issues that plague growing teams on inflexible content management systems. The team spent a large amount of time making simple content updates because every change required development resources.

Tobii Dynavox needed a better way to launch new brands and stores internationally, as well.

The Solution

BlueSwitch helped the team make the switch to Shogun. The goal was to save time on content and new site launches, and have a more responsive platform that would allow the company to expand faster.

Shogun helped us empower non-technical members of the Tobii Dynavox team, giving them control of content changes and the ability to support more technical questions from the in-house web developers. While using Shogun and the BlueSwitch in-house app Multify, BlueSwitch was able to help the Tobii Dynavox team launch its Boardmaker brand, as well as new sites in Norway and Germany.

The Multify app helps merchants manage and transfer content across different languages, and the Shogun Sync feature helped BlueSwitch transfer other site elements. This created a seamless experience for the company’s new site launches.


Boardmaker is the flagship brand for Tobii Dynavox’s special education market. It offers a powerful suite of special education solutions that serve over 6 million students in 51 countries around the world.

Boardmaker provides tools and resources to empower students, educators and therapists, and help them achieve extraordinary results. The team used Shogun to create a number of important pages that highlighted the Boardmaker brand.

boardmaker products page
Image source: Boardmaker

With Shogun, the company created over 88 pages to bring the Boardmaker website to life.

The Results

The combination of Shogun and BlueSwitch helped lay the framework for Tobii Dynavox to meet a tight deadline for its Canada store launch — as a result, the site launched in just three weeks.

To date, Tobii Dynavox has integrated Shogun in four stores internationally.

With Shogun, Tobii Dynavox has created a total of 446 pages, along with 32 custom elements to power dynamic content.

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