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Rumpl Saw its Conversion Rate Increase 20%

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Rumpl started when two friends were on a surf and ski trip through California. One morning, the founders — who were sleeping in a van several miles up a dirt road — awoke to sub-zero temperatures with a car that wouldn’t start. While the two waited for help, they decided to bundle up in their sleeping bags. Cozy and warm, they acknowledged how much better the materials felt and performed than their blankets back home, and the idea for a “sleeping bag blanket” was born. Rumpl successfully launched on Kickstarter and has sold the same Original Puffy Blanket (and more!) for almost seven years to hardcore outdoors people and everyday adventurers alike.


Outdoor Retail


Portland, Oregon
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The Problem

The combination of an ecommerce platform and an amazing theme can do so much for your store out of the box. But, you’re still limited in creative direction.

With restricted resources and experience, Rumpl utilized a contract developer to make changes within its theme. However, this took time and money — and, ultimately, didn’t cut it.

The outdoor goods retailer wanted to build rich landing pages and experiences, create better blog content and enhance its product pages. And so began the search for the right tool.

The Solution

The outdoor industry is a tight-knit group; Rumpl heard from other brands in the space that were using Shogun and decided to give it a shot.

Rumpl’s in-house designer, KP, was able to get up and running on the tool incredibly quickly. The team was able to build super-rich product pages and magnify both the brand representation and amount of information they could display on

With Shogun, the Rumpl team was able to make changes on pages without touching any of the theme code or hiring a developer. They were able to:

  • Create beautiful blogs to tell their stories
  • Uplevel their product pages
  • Build different experiences for desktop and mobile
Rumpl product page with colorful images
Image credit: Rumpl

Rumpl also found customer service to be helpful and readily available to lend a helping hand.

KP and the team would lean on customer support at Shogun for information on different features or answers to questions, and they’d always get detailed responses in a timely manner.

The Results

After using Shogun, this small company experienced big results: Rumpl saved over 200 development hours and saw its conversion rate increase by 20%.

“Rumpl is a team of 15 people. Shogun allows us to build almost anything we can imagine within a few hours without outside help,” said Shane Roach, Ecommerce Manager at Rumpl.

An added bonus to using Shogun? Enhanced customer experience – and loyalty.

“We’re doing our best to push the message of adventure in the outdoors,” he said. “With Shogun, we’re able to make changes on the site within minutes and convert a few more customers that will be loyal Rumpl fans forever!”

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