The 10 Best BigCommerce Loyalty Program Apps

September 23, 2020

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Since Amazon Prime launched in 2005, The Home Depot launched Pro Xtra, Target launched Target Circle and Walmart has just introduced Walmart+.

It seems like every major ecommerce company has launched a loyalty program of its own at this point. And when you look at the data, it’s easy to see why these companies are doing so.

While it’s certainly important to find new customers for your business, retaining your existing customers is even more important — visitors who have been to your site before are five times more likely to make a purchase than first-time visitors.

By using a loyalty program that offers perks such as discounts and free shipping, you can motivate the people who are most likely to make purchases to keep coming back for more.

It’s not enough, though, to have just any kind of loyalty program. Only about half of loyalty program accounts are active, which means your program will need to be especially well-designed and easy-to-use for it to be effective.

In this guide, we’ll review 10 of the best BigCommerce apps that allow anyone to set up a highly effective loyalty program for their BigCommerce store.

The 10 Best BigCommerce Loyalty Program Apps

Each of the following BigCommerce plugins stands out as an excellent option for creating a loyalty program. Depending on your budget and specific needs, some plugins (just like store themes) will be a better fit for you than others.

Here’s a list of our top 10:

1.’s loyalty program app is centered around three main features: points, referrals and VIP.

The points feature allows you to dole out points to visitors for performing actions such as creating an account, purchasing a product or sharing one of your posts on social media. It also allows you to decide what your customers can exchange their points for, with reward options including percentage discounts, dollar discounts, free products and free shipping.

With the referral feature, you can offer customers the same types of rewards for referring customers to your business rather than earning points.

And the VIP feature provides you with additional ways to persuade your customers to stick with you, such as contest entries and invites to special events. But this feature likely won’t be available to smaller stores, as it only comes with the plans that start at $599 per month.

Speaking of pricing, offers the following plans:

  • Free: At no cost, you get access to the points and referral features.
  • Starter: $49 per month. Extra features include program branding and custom reward emails.
  • Growth: $199 per month. Extra features include nudges (reminders on your cart page that prompt customers to redeem their rewards), points expiry and an analytics dashboard.
  • Pro: $599 per month. With this plan, you get the VIP program feature.
  • Enterprise: Starts at $1,000 per month. Extra features include API access, custom HTML reward program emails and custom reports. loyalty program app with makeup against a yellow background
Image source: BigCommerce

2. Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals

For rewards, this app offers features such as pre-built campaign choices, custom branding and tier-based programs. It also provides a dashboard for tracking the activity of your loyalty program members and measuring ROI.

For referrals, there’s a tool for incentivizing repeat referrals by letting your members store up value for better rewards as they make more referrals. Other features include intelligent pop-ups and email campaigns for encouraging referrals, as well as a referral analytics dashboard.

Unfortunately, pricing information for this app is not publicly available. The cost of Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals is based on your business needs — you’ll need to contact them for a quote.

thirdlove webpage against a black background with the yotpo app
Image source: BigCommerce

3. S Loyalty

S Loyalty is a great choice if you’re on a tight budget. In addition to the free version of this app, there are several low-cost plans that are highly affordable and yet still offer a variety of useful features.

Specifically, they provide you with the following feature sets and price points to choose from:

  • Free: At no cost, this app works for up to 100 monthly orders and includes three fixed amount reward types, birthday bonus and shopper notifications.
  • Basic: $19.99 per month, works for up to 50 monthly orders. It includes five rewards with advanced condition settings, advanced point earning options, welcome bonus and points expiry.
  • Standard: $39.99 per month, works for up to 200 monthly orders. It includes 10 rewards with advanced condition settings and can be installed as an embedded widget.
  • Pro: $69.99 per month, works for up to 350 monthly orders. It includes 15 rewards with advanced condition settings, points for past orders and customer exclusion.
  • Premium: $119.99 per month, works for up to 600 monthly orders. It includes 20 rewards with advanced condition settings, priority email support and allows you to remove the S Loyalty branding elements.
  • Higher Volume: If you have more than 600 monthly orders, you’ll need to use the Higher Volume plan, which starts at $199.99 per month.
S Loyalty app in use by a home goods website with a blue background
Image source: BigCommerce

4. LoyaltyLion

The LoyaltyLion app is an excellent choice for merchants who are interested in analytics, as it provides plenty of features for tracking member activity and measuring the performance of your loyalty program.

It is a little expensive compared to some of your other options, though. The pricing plans include:

  • Small Business: $159 per month, works for up to 800 monthly orders. Features include points for on-site activities, the ability to manually add/remove points, an in-built analytics dashboard, customer activity reporting, retention/ROI analytics and referral analytics.
  • Classic: $399 per month, works for up to 2,000 monthly orders. Extra features include points expiry, ecommerce insights and customer value snapshots.
  • Advanced: $699 per month, works for up to 4,000 monthly orders. With this plan, you can set up an integrated loyalty program, which is a branded, interactive page for your rewards program that’s created within your store’s code.
loyaltylion app in use on a website
Image source: LoyaltyLion

5. Zinrelo

Zinrelo reports that its users see an 80% increase in repeat sales, a 50% improvement in profitability and a 240% increase in revenue per customer from using this app.

There are two plans available: SMB and Enterprise.

  • The SMB plan includes pre-configured rewards activities, a referral program, gift coupon redemptions, email engagement workflows and loyalty program reports.
  • And the extra features you get with the Enterprise plan include custom rewards activities, an advanced business rules engine, loyalty tiers, data analysis and advanced reports.

For pricing, you’ll need to contact Zinrelo for a quote.

zinrelo app in use on a website with different colored squares
Image source: BigCommerce

6. Gratisfaction

In addition to loyalty and referral programs, Gratisfaction also allows you to engage your visitors with a variety of different contests, sweepstakes and giveaways.

This app is free for up to 100 loyalty members. After that, prices range from $19.95 per month for 500 loyalty members to $399 per month for unlimited loyalty members. There’s also a $19.95 per month fee for the “white label” version of Gratisfaction, which removes its branding from emails and pop-ups.

example of the gratisfaction app in use against a black background
Image source: BigCommerce

7. Reward Camp

With Reward Camp, you get an app that’s proven it can produce results for its users. One case study showed that a store generated over $200,000 just through using this plugin.

Indeed, Reward Camp provides you with everything you need to create your own loyalty programs, and they offer the following pricing plans:

  • Silver: $59 per month, works for up to 500 monthly orders. Features include a tiered loyalty program, a monthly growth report and email support.
  • Gold: $79 per month, works for up to 1,000 monthly orders. Extra features include lost customer reactivation, custom branding and phone support.
  • Platinum: $139 per month, works for up to 2,000 monthly orders. Extra features include product exclusion and customer group exclusion.
example of the reward camp app in use
Image source: BigCommerce

8. Annex Customer Loyalty Cloud 

Annex Customer Loyalty Cloud offers a number of useful features, including customizable rewards (you can even offer third-party gift cards), integrated social interactions and integrated point redemption at checkout.

This app also makes it easy to measure the performance of your program with analytical tools, such as purchase history data analysis and a comprehensive reporting dashboard.

But Annex Cloud’s pricing is tailored to the needs of each client, so you’ll need to contact them for a quote.

example of the annex customer loyalty cloud app in use
Image source: BigCommerce

9. Lootly

If you’re willing to pay extra for the best loyalty program app that money can buy, then you should strongly consider choosing Lootly. This app offers premium features that just aren’t available with many of your other options, such as API access and a dedicated account manager.

And while Lootly’s plans are a little on the expensive side, you should take into account that they all work for unlimited orders and unlimited customers:

  • Growth: $79 per month. Features include advanced reward conditions, a referral program and the ability to remove Lootly branding elements.
  • Ultimate: $249 per month. Extra features include a VIP program, customer segmentation, points expiry, nudges and an analytics dashboard.
  • Enterprise: $599 per month. Extra features include an advanced referrals suite, promotional email campaigns, customized audience targeting, API access and a dedicated account manager.
example of the lootly app in use
Image source: BigCommerce

10. Loyal2

Loyal2 is an excellent option for new and smaller stores, as the app offers most of its features for free. If you have fewer than 500 members, you get access to the loyalty dashboard, members database, transactions database, points register, promotions engine, referrals engine, and much more at no cost.

If you have more than 500 members, you’ll need to upgrade to either the Silver plan ($29 per month) or Gold plan ($49 per month), which includes extra features such as text marketing and the ability to embed Loyal2 in your store as a widget.

example of loyal2 app in use
Image source: BigCommerce

A Loyalty Program App for Everyone

Loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize customers to return to your store. There’s a lot of competition out there, after all, and consumers appreciate retailers that reward their loyalty.

Once you figure out the nuts and bolts of your program, it’s worthwhile to invest in the right tools to help you run it. From highly affordable plugins, such as Loyal2 and S Loyalty, to powerful programs for high-traffic stores, such as LoyaltyLion and Lootly, there’s something for every BigCommerce store.

Adam Ritchie

Adam Ritchie is a writer based in Silver Spring, Maryland. He writes about ecommerce trends and best practices for Shogun. His previous clients include Groupon, Clutch and New Theory.

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