Generate Smarter Copy With Shogun: 6 Tips For Better Copy From AI Text

August 15, 2023

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Shogun AI ai text

If you use Shogun Page Builder regularly, you may have noticed an icon resembling sparkles (or magic fairy dust, if you like) when you go to add copy to a heading or text element. It looks like so >>> ✨

I like to think of it in terms of magic because it‌ conjures copy out of thin air like a rabbit from a hat. 🪄

In reality, generative AI is taking your prompt and developing it into copy that mimics what millions of humans have written before it. Just like us, these large language models (LLMs) are aping the great writing it’s read and giving it its own spin.

For those that haven’t taken our AI Text feature for a ride, you definitely should! It’s great fun.

With little to no prompt training, you can get it to spit out some really excellent copy for your product pages, homepages, landing pages, and more.

That’s because we’ve already done some of the work for you, pre-prompting the AI to act as a content writer with a casual tone.

But you can always do more to get copy that captures your request. And it’s all in the prompt. So, let’s get right into it.

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How to get the best results from your AI Text prompts

While you can easily just dive in and start generating headlines, body copy, product descriptions, and FAQ answers, it always helps to have a strategy to get better results reliably.

Start with a prompt suggestion

AI text prompt suggestions ai text

When you use AI Text, it automatically suggests four prompts you can start with. If one of those four isn’t right, just refresh and four more will pop up.

So, if you know what you want but don’t know how to start, we’ve got you covered.

For heading elements, you can start from:

  • Craft a title about my best-selling product…
  • Compose a funny headline about my brand…
  • Write a catchy title for my Black Friday marketing campaign…
  • Write a concise title for my About Us section…

Prompt suggestions for the text element include things like:

  • Create a persuasive product description for…
  • Compose engaging product highlights for…
  • Write an appealing ‘About Us’ section for…
  • Craft an appealing newsletter subscription prompt for…

Once you find one you like, add the details for your use case, describing your product features, brand values, shipping options, target keywords, or whatever else you may want to include.

If nothing else, these suggestions can give you a hint of the structure that works best for AI prompts to get the right result.

Regenerate, regenerate, regenerate

regenerate ai ai text

With human copywriters, you may get some pushback when you ask for infinite rewrites. But, with AI, there’s no offense taken.

If the first (or 58th) thing it spits out isn’t right, just click that Generate button again (and again and again). Seriously, it won’t mind at all.

While you’ll get a different result every time from the same prompt, you can also use regenerations to improve your prompts so the result is closer to your expectations.

That could include specifying the AI’s role when writing, the audience it is writing for, more details about your product, the tone of voice you want it to take, etc.

Play around with it, and you’ll find the right way to converse to get what you need.

Define your audience

define audience shogun ai text

As I mentioned above, your prompts can be expanded upon to get better results.

A big part of that is telling AI Text the audience it needs to write for. And you can be very specific about it (see image above).

You’ve built out your buyer personas for the express purpose of making your marketing and messaging hit home with the right shoppers. Your customers are the whole reason you do what you do, so get your robot pal to write copy that your audience will connect with.

As I said, it doesn’t need to be right the first time. You can tweak infinitely to get it where you need it to be.

Be specific about features

Shogun features focus ai text

You understand your products like the back of your hand. But ‌AI does not. Not until you tell it, that is.

So, you need to give it something to work with so it can create the most persuasive copy about your products.

Answer a few questions about your product, and you’ll have what you need:

  • What are the features and benefits you always tell your customers about?
  • Why do people love what you sell?
  • What makes it stand out from the competition?
  • How durable is your product?
  • Do you have celebrity endorsements?

Include the right details, and you’ll get really great copy that truly captures what’s great about your wares.

Ask for your desired tone of voice

tone of voice ai ai text

Every brand has their own guidelines for how it sounds across channels. Your tone of voice is the text-based heart of your brand and should show up even in the content generated by AI Text.

Luckily, you can tell AI Text to use a certain tone of voice.

By default, the tone of voice is ‘casual’, which is generally a good fit for ecommerce brands, but you can take it further by suggesting a new tone of voice that matches your brand even more closely.

Does your brand sound uplifting and energetic? Friendly yet informative? Assertive? Silly? Confident? Witty?

Use descriptive words to influence style

descriptive words ai ai text

As you can tell from some of the suggested prompts, adjectives are an important piece of the puzzle.

We use words like persuasive, appealing, concise, compelling, engaging, funny, etc. to influence how the AI goes about writing the copy.

So, pull out your thesaurus and start using the adjectives that’ll get the copy you want.

Start generating first draft copy in seconds

LLMs like ChatGPT and Bard are powerful tools for spinning up copy that sounds pretty good right out of the gate.

Nevertheless, the robots can never understand your product as well as you do. 🤖

Use AI Text to get great-sounding copy quickly, but always go back in to make sure it sounds like the brand your customers know and love.

When wielded appropriately, this tool can speed up your workflow tremendously, allowing you to build and launch landing pages, product pages, homepages, and more in a fraction of the time they took before.

No need to move between tools. Just design and build all in one place.

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Sean Flannigan

Sean is one of Shogun's tireless content marketers. When he isn't creating exciting ecommerce content, he's probably biking or at the park.

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